New OSRS Wilderness Crabs Teleport Available This Week

New Wilderness crabs teleport OSRS has been available in the Last Man Standing store with the rs07 gold update this week. This dark crab teleport can be broken to teleport to the dark crab fishing spots in Wilderness.

Wilderness crabs teleport OSRS available

Following OSRS LMS rewards poll, a new magic tablet Wilderness crabs teleport has been added to game with the update on September 19th. This Wilderness crabs teleport OSRS can take you near the dark crab fishing spots in level 33 Wilderness, which is a single-way combat zone between Callisto and Venenatis.

The new OSRS dark crab teleport can be purchased from the Last Man Standing store for 3 points. As the dark crab teleport tablet teleports to the Wilderness, you need to right-click and select the “Break” option rather than left-click.

How can you catch OSRS dark crab?

OSRS dark crab is a members-only fish found in the Wilderness, which requires at least 85 Fishing level and offers 130 Fishing experience per catch. To catch dark crabs, you need to use OSRS lobster pot with dark fishing bait. Lobster pots can be purchased from major fishing shops for 20 coins each. Dark fishing bait can drop from various monsters in the Wilderness, and it can also be purchased from other players at the Grand Exchange.
In addition, you will be rewarded a higher success rate of catching dark crabs after completing the Wilderness Elite diary.

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General Information About FIFA 20 Early Access

Are you planning on playing FIFA 20 the second it becomes available? Assuming that you have pre-ordered the game already, here is what you need to know about early access dates. Please note that there are two types of early access. There is the EA Access and the game early access. It can be a bit confusing but we are here to sort everything out so don’t worry.
If you play on PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4 and you are an Origin Access or EA Access subscriber then you can play starting September 19th. This is the earliest access that allows you to play for a few hours before anyone else. The catch is that your playtime will be limited to a fixed number of 10 hours. You get the chance to play a week in advance but keep in mind that there is a timer that starts the moment you enter the game. If you need to pause the game or go AFK for a while, you should close the game. That will prevent the timer from running. Resume your play session when you can game uninterrupted. Your progress will transfer to the game. The players you get will not go away. The coins and points are yours to keep. If you are wondering if your FIFA 19 coins and players will transfer, the answer is no. They stay in the old game so that’s why is a good idea to spend the coins before the new game comes out. However, you get a one-time opportunity to transfer the points.

If you are not a subscriber but you have pre-ordered the champions or the ultimate edition, you will be able to play starting September 24th. You have until September 27th to make the pre-order. This is the official release date. Those who get the standard game edition and are not EA Access or Origin Access subscribers, get to play starting September 27th. If you are interested in additional FIFA 20 tools such as the companion app and the web app, you should expect them a week or so before the official launch date. Both of them are valuable tools that will enhance your game experience so make use of them.

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Which is the Best Farming WOW Classic Gold Class?

With the release of WOW Classic, How to Make WOW Classic Gold is very important for Players. WOW Classic have three Fun – Power Levleing, PK, Dungeons, Every Fun can not do without Gold’s support. Although WOW Classic will not open the gap between players because of Buy wow classic gold cheap , but the days of Have Gold must be more comfortable than the days without Gold. In the 1.13 version that WOW Classic will adopt, Azerothian’s economy is still not inflationary, and Gold is still hard currency.

Making Gold in different types of Farming is not same. For example: In the early days when equipment is not formed, if you take a Warrior to Make Gold, it is best to pray not to lose money because you die too much; take a Hunter to Farming Gold, and you can find a lot of Gold every day by looking for monsters. This is determined by the basic rules of WOW Classic.

So is Hunter Making Gold the best? the answer is negative. There is also a profession, making the efficiency of Making Gold more than Hunter, this occupation is Rogue. In the eyes of Rogue, Making Gold is a relaxed technical activity, not to hit the monster Earn Gold. Rogue earn gold has two ways to go: Search and Gathering.

Search is Rogue’s skill, searching for humanoid monsters in the Stealth state to get items. The classic Search route has two places. The first place is the 30+ Dungeon – Scarlet Monastery. The searched Chest can produce a gray item called “Rogue’s Diary”, which is sold to NPC for nearly one Gold, one hour larger than More than forty can be searched. In addition, there are several fixed refresh Chests. The average one-hour gain is around five gold. If you follow Herb Gathering again, the total revenue for one hour is around fifty gold. Another search is in the lower layer of Blackrock Spire, and each Chest earns about thirty Silver.

Using the characteristics of the skill Stealth, Rogue can go to dangerous places that other professions can’t reach, and then use the Mining and Gathering skills to gain. The more classic Mining places are Winterspring’s Demon Mine and Silithus’s Worm Mine. Both places have a lot of rich Thorium Ore, and Rich Thorium Vein’s Arcane Crystal is hard currency and very expensive. The place to benefit from Herb Gathering is the two Dungeons, the first Dungeon is Razorfen Downs, Gathering Fadeleaf and Grave Moss, plus a few small bosses, with a steady income of 40 Gold per hour and another Herb Gathering The place is Eastern Dire Maul, Gathering’s goal is Gromsblood and Ghost Mushroom, along with Jinxed Hoodoo Pile. The price of professional books issued by Jinxed Hoodoo Pile varies. The most expensive ones are Rogue and Hunter. They can sell more than one hundred golds. The books of Mending are only a few Gold.

After reading these introductions, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of Rogue’s Ability Gold ability. It is fixed for four hours a day. It can stably get two thousand Golds a week, which is equivalent to the value of two Thousand Gold Horses.

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Introducing Old School RuneScape Leagues

What if you could be the first player to get a Fire Cape? Or defeat the Barrows Brothers? Or max your account?Leagues is a brand new game mode that’s your opportunity to start from scratch in a race to be the first to complete major Old School achievements – but there’s a twist. Each limited-timed League has its own ruleset designed to test your skill, your determination, and your Old School knowledge. Level up as fast as you can, complete tasks, and earn points to customise your experience. You’ll have to use all your skill, knowledge, and determination to build a workable strategy – before someone else snatches victory from you.

Are you ready for the ultimate Old School challenge?

Task System

Stripped of your items and levels, you’ll complete hundreds of new challenges in ways you never thought possible. Conquer a variety of tasks to gather points for relics. Break free from the meta, and strategize your every move. The more tasks you complete, the more points you unlock, and the quicker you can prevail.

The above image is a mock up of the Task System interface. The tasks and point allocations are subject to change.

Relic System

The path to victory has twists and turns like never before. From the very beginning, you will forge your journey and set yourself apart from your opponents in order to complete as many tasks as possible and unlock relics, each more powerful than the last. Choose between multiple buffs such as resources harvested are doubled or resources harvested are automatically banked that last for the rest of the league. But be careful – once a relic is chosen, there is no turning back. Choose wisely, think quickly, and trust completely; in return, may you find the ending you deserve.


Valiant efforts in the leagues should be rewarded with more than just a place on the HiScore page. We will offer never before seen rewards for both Leagues and the main game.

Your league-to-league rewards will persist only in future league worlds. They are unlocked automatically based on which reward tier you achieve.

The cosmetic rewards which carry over to the main game can be purchased from an in-game shop in exchange for the League Points you’ve earned.We will present these rewards in a future poll blog.


Leagues originates from a concept first raised by Mod Kieren on a Q&A some months ago. You might have heard it referred to as ‘Seasonal Old School’. Leagues was born from everything we’ve done before: we’ve learned from all the good things, we’ve learned from all the bad things, we’ve watched every second of Swampletics!

And now we’re finally ready, it’s time for you to be too!-RS3gold

Your feedback will help shape Old School RuneScape Leagues. Design tasks, create new rewards, or compete – you can be part of something great. Good luck and stay tuned in the next Q&A for some in-depth discussions around Leagues.

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RS Elemental Workshop Ⅳ: Requirements & Rewards

Runescape Elemental Workshop Ⅳ is a member-only quest with long length. There are some skill and rs3 gold item requirements that you should achieve in order to complete the long quest successfully. In addition, you will be able to receive various rewards after finishing the quest.

Requirements in RS Elemental Workshop Ⅳ

Before starting the intermediate Runescape quest, you’d better meet the skill requirements and item requirements:
1. Skill requirements
- 41 Crafting
- 39 Runecrafting
- 39 Thieving
- 40 Defence
- 42 Smithing
2. Item requirements
- About 5 each of water, earth, air and fire runes, but only 1 of each will be used in the final riddle.
- A knife that can be obtained during quest and won’t work if it’s on your tool belt. – 2 pieces of Runescape elemental ore to complete the quest, or 7 if you want the full chaos equipment set.
- 8 pieces of coal or 28 for the full set of chaos equipment. They must be carried since they cannot be stored in an ore box.
Apart from these, we recommend you use the super restores to help replenish drained Runecrafting and Thieving stats.

Rewards obtained from Elemental Workshop Ⅳ Runescape 

Upon completion of this quest, you will receive a series of rewards, including:
- 2 quest points
- 9,000 Crafting experience
- 7,500 Runecrafting experience
- 50 pieces of coal
- Ability to make and equip elemental cosmic equipment and chaos equipment.
- Ability to make boots and gloves from all known elemental metals.
- 2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice
In addition, you will also be able to unlock the music Logical Progression in the cosmic and chaos rooms.

Hope you can complete Runescape Elemental Workshop Ⅳ quest easily and successfully.

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Monster Hunter World: How to Unlock & Defeat Iceborne Silver Rathalos

For those who have been diving headfirst into Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, you’ll likely have been as blown away as we were by the different foes out for blood. Ranging from the Viper Tobi-Kadachi to the return of the fan-favorite Nargacuga, the enemies that you encounter in this expansion are deadlier than ever. With the end-game of Iceborne in sight, there are even more dangerous variants that players can unlock by completing certain objectives. Enter our Monster Hunter World Iceborne Silver Rathalos guide, which will show you how to find and slay this beast.

If you fancy taking on this challenge of the Silver Rathalos, you’re going to have to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Finished the main story of Iceborne
  • Unlocked the Guiding Lands
  • Gotten the Coral Highlands Region to Level 6 in the Guiding Lands
  • Be HR 70

Once you’ve managed to tick off all those things on your checklist, you’ll find that the Silver Rathalos will finally deign to spawn in the Guiding Lands, ripe for slaying. If you’re finding it hard to level up the Coral Highlands Region, we would recommend hunting far and wide for Special monster tracks and focusing on part damage when you’re taking down the enemies that roam around.

Now that you’ve unlocked the Monster Hunter World Iceborne Silver Rathalos, it’s time for us to tell you how to defeat it. It’s got the rare affliction of being surrounded in hellfire (yes, hellfire) and a whole new moveset compared to its previous incarnations when it’s lit up like a veritable demon. We think it goes without saying that the Fireproof mantle is the pickup of choice for us here, or the Temporal mantle.

Key to your strategy when taking down the Silver Rathalos will be to aim for the head. Yes, it’s where a lot of the hurt is going to come from, but doing enough damage to the head will help you dispel its hellfire. Trying to hit the head of this particular Rathalos is easier said than done since it really likes to fly around just out of reach, so make sure that you’ve got mobility as a top priority before you take it on

Here are our tips when it comes to taking down the Silver Rathalos:

  • Bring Poison resist items to combat its deadly talons
  • Make sure you have Fire resist skills or armor to combat its fiery breath
  • Use Flash Pods liberally to knock it out of flight mode and onto its ass
  • Aim for the head to stop its hellfire problem
  • Aim for the wings and legs to break them, and the tail to sever it

Now that you’ve got our guide to taking down the Monster Hunter World Iceborne Silver Rathalos, all you need is a whole bunch of crit, a Palico on your side, and to get acquainted with the attack patterns that are going to kill you if you’re not careful. Just like every other end-game monster in this expansion!

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WoW Classic – Ready, Steady, GO – Let the adventure begin

The wait is finally over: Classic WoW opens its doors after almost 2 years of waiting.In a few minutes, it will be Tuesday August 27th 00h01 and the lucky among us will already be starting their wow classic gold quest in a new-old adventure in Azeroth’s vast world.

For the people who are still stuck in queue, you’re in our thoughts! ;-) While you’re waiting, why not have a look at our 1-60 leveling guides so you can catch up when you finally get in!

wowclassicgp is YOUR community

The wowclassicgp website got to where it is thanks mostly to our community that started growing around the project, but also to all our contributors, no matter how small, who helped build it. Writers, contributors, moderators, but also you who, the community, who helped us improve and fix our mistakes: you’re the soul of this project.

wowclassicgp couldn’t have existed without the group of 40-ish enthusiastic people and the thousands of hours (around 3800) during which they toiled to research, write, format, test and discuss things. These hours have been worth it, because we have now built a structure that aims to become a reference for the WoW Classic community

We also want to thank all those who helped grow WiC through word of mouth on social media, Youtubers & Twitch streamers who believed in us and used our site while discovering the game and talked to their community about ours in their videos.

wowclassicgp, your loyal companion

For months, WiC’s goal has been to accompany you throughout your Classic WoW adventure. This is why we decided to create some universally useful guides like Which class should you play in Classic WoW?While our team doesn’t always know every subtle trick in the game, we try to give you all the bullet points about the world and everything you need to know about your characters so you can choose the race and class that is best for you.
Class guides:

Dans la même optique, nos contributeurs ont décliné ce type de guide pour vous présenter les classes et vous fournir des astuces et conseils pour le leveling de chacune des classes disponibles sur WoW Classic : en cas de doute, de besoin ou si votre choix n’est pas encore arrêté sur quelle classe jouer, n’hésitez pas à consulter les guides de chaque classe : Druid, Hunter, Mage, Rogue, Priest, Paladin, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior . That’s what they’re here for!
wow classic guide des classes
Profession guides:

While your class determines how you fight, professions are just as interesting, regardless of whether you prefer exploring dungeons, challenging raids, or fighting the other faction. Don’t be shy about reading our Profession guides. They will tell you why you should pick a certain profession, how to level it and how i twill make your character stronger. Professions are powerful and help unleash your character’s full potential in Classic WoW.

Talent Calculator :

To go even further, we’ve made our own talent calculator! In Classic WoW, you don’t pick a talent every 15 levels, but instead you progress and develop your character slowly and surely.Don’t hesitate to look up the various talent trees available to each class, look for the perfect build for how you want to play and prepare your leveling phase by studying these talent trees carefully. Note that Classic WoW does not let you “dual spec” and that respeccing costs money, and gold can be a serious concern in Classic! Making sure you know where you’re going will save time and money.

wow classic talent calculateur

Thanks to you and our many contributors, wowclassicgp is the first website to have a guild search system. Indeed, having a guild is vital in Classic WoW, and we decided to invest a lot of time in this tool that we find very much essential.At the moment of writing, we’re happy to announce that we already have almost 300 guilds listed in our search system.

Following up on this success and thanks to our discord community’s insights, we will in the next few weeks add some interesting features such as guilds’ PvE Progression, additional fields and filters…As for the cherry on top, our team also tested numerous addonsto improve the quality of your experience as well as your immersion. We even made an addon pack, tested and approved during the beta, helping you find the best available tools to fully enjoy your journey in Azeroth!

How wowclassicgp will evolve post-launch:

Initially, our main objective was to accompany new players who are unfamiliar with Vanilla WoW, through leveling guides and class recommendations.Even through grizzled veterans know WoW in and out, Vanilla was released over 15 years ago, and some guides are probably almost as useful for them as they are for newcomers. This is why we decided to go ahead and write other guides, such as:

How to access raids such as Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Onyxia or Naxxramas.
PvP guides for every class (dueling guides, best spec…)
Gold Farming Guides with the best locations & techniques to make the big bucks.
A new exclusive feature to publish your talent builds to share with the community.
Interactive dungeon maps…

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World of Warcraft Classic Guide: Brief Introduction of WOW Classic Reputation

WOW Classic Reputation can usually unlock special rewards or new quests to accomplish. For instance, by gaining exalted reputation with the major cities you have access to purchase their racial mounts and their guild tabards. Higher levels of World of Warcraft Classic Reputation also allow discounts on goods and repair services from vendors. In the following, we will share some information&world of warcraft classic gold of WOW Classic Reputation.

In Azeroth, players will encounter many different factions throughout the world. By completing certain quests or killing certain creatures, players are able to gain favor with some of these factions and increasing their reputation with them. Gaining reputation with certain factions allows players to purchase items or undertake different missions that are unavailable to other players.

Blizzard has announced that starting in Tides of Vengeance; reputation achievements like 100 Exalted Reputations will have their progress account-wide, meaning you will no longer lose progress if you reach exalted with a particular faction on a different character.

Reputation didn’t really become a major thing for non-raiders until the PvP system was introduced, offering rewards for various battleground reputations. The cloth turn-in quests were introduced as a way for players to obtain mounts from the different races of their faction. Each cloth turn-in granted a small pittance of reputation, making the final push to exalted an exercise in keeping your finger from blistering.

The fastest way to Exalted with Alterac Valley is by playing on the Alterac Valley Holiday Weekends. Battleground holiday weekends last from Thursday/Friday at midnight until Sunday/Monday at midnight and always follow the same cycle:

·Alterac Valley
·Warsong Gulch
·Arathi Basin

During your introductory and further quests, you will be killing a lot of Deadwood and Winterfell Furbolgs and, if you encounter them, you will notice some named ones award more reputation. Here is the list of the mobs that will award reputation towards the Timbermaw Hold, up until you are Revered with them:

·Deadwood Furbolgs (Normal): 5 reputation.
·Winterfall Furbolgs (Normal): 5 reputation.
·Chieftain Bloodmaw (Normal): 15 repuation.
·Overlord Ror (Normal): 15 reputation.
·High Chief Winterfall (Elite): 25 reputation.
·Grizzle Snowpaw (Rare Elite): 25 reputation.
·Ragepaw (Rare Elite): 25 reputation.
Furthermore, you can get WOW Classic Reputation Power Leveling from wowclassicgp, the store that provides all kinds of reputation power leveling service, including Zandalar Tribe Exalted, Timbermaw Hold Exalted, Thorium Brotherhood Exalted, and Syndicate Neutral and so on. Choose a service from us, and we will complete your order in time. Buy Safe World of Warcraft Classic Reputation Boosting service now, and enjoy cheap, safe, fast, 24/7 live support, 100% safe with your account.

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Learn Reasons and Next Plan about RS Weapon Diversity Cancel

From the latest official post, we have known that RS team has announced the cancel of Runescape Weapon Diversity. Sounds amazing and unbelievable? Please buy runescape gold go ahead and learn the reasons and next plan about it.

Why does RS team decide to cancel Runescape Weapon Diversity?

Over the past month, RS Weapon Diversity Beta has continued to update for you. However, according to the feedback and issues, RS team eventually announces the decision made last week that they already cancel the highly expected project for the following reasons:
1. The main reason is that the effects of Weapon Diversity are not chunky or transformative enough. Players prefer to expect utility benefits similar to the two-square attacks of halberds.
2. Most of the effects are modifiers on DPS, which means that there isn’t much differentiation between weapons in reality, and most players would simply choose the weapon with the optimal DPS modifier.
3. What RS team has achieved are further than they expected. Thus, it’s necessary to re-design several problematic weapons and find a decent way to communicate the weapons’ effects to a player as well as complete significant testing.

What’s the next plan about Weapon Diversity?  

Although the highly anticipated project is removed, RS team states that they still believe in the aims of Weapon Diversity and will continue to design new utility benefits for weapons completely as well as plan to introduce effects with future content. So you can still leave your feedback on official Forums and Reddit etc, and some more-appreciated effects could be preserved. In addition, they still want to bring strategy back into weapon choice which will make the gaining of weapon rewards so much more joyful.

How do you think of the cancel of Runescape Weapon Diversity?

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Monster Hunter World: Guide for Defeating Iceborne Zinogre

With no shortage of fearsome enemies in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne to contend with, the stakes have really been raised by Capcom in this latest expansion. With the likes of the Nargacuga returning as well as a whole roster of Elder Dragons just ready to give you an ass kicking, it ain’t easy being a hunter out here in Hoarfrost Reach. Let our Monster Hunter World Iceborne Zinogre guide do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to tackling this particular beast.

If you thought that the Tobi Kadachi was a pain, then you’re in for a real reckoning when it comes to facing down the Zinogre. This particular wyvern is incredibly sparky, and we’re not talking in a cute, light up the night sort of way. Zinogre is practically 70% lightning, whether its their fur or the jagged bits of bone plating peppered all over its body. It has the ability to also become supercharged, which means that items such as Shock Traps will cease to work on it.

Zsinogre is only encountered in the Guiding Lands, so you’re going to have to be a fair way through Iceborne already to even get a sniff of it. We would recommend getting good at your flinch technique; plenty of monsters in Iceborne can give you valuable openings to attack then if you can make them flinch, and this will be particularly valuable with Zinogre since making it flinch can make it drop its supercharged status.

Here are our tips and tricks for taking down Zinogre:

  • Make sure you’re keeping its elemental weaknesses in mind – we would bring Ice and Water to this fight
  • It’s almost impossible to paralyze, so don’t waste time with that
  • Having the Thunderproof Mantle could be a lifesaver when its supercharged
  • Watch out for its increased attack range when supercharged
  • If you do have to tackle it when it’s wreathed in lightning, hit its soft spots for more damage
  • Make it flinch to knock it out of supercharged mode for an easier go

Now that you’ve got our Monster Hunter World Iceborne Zinogre guide to hand, taking down this bad boy shouldn’t take a whole lot more than our helpful tips and a whole lot of grit. Make sure that you’re packing an Ice weapon and making good use of your flinch technique in order to sustain the least amount of damage. The range and attack buffs it gets from being supercharged are no joke. Trying to do a lap of all the monsters in the game? You might find our Monster Hunter World Iceborne Acidic Glavenus guide helpful.

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