What Is The Best WOW Classic Professions for PVP?

We all know that there are 12 professions in WoW classic, but there may be some confusion about how to choose buy classic wow gold these professions. Today we can discuss this together.

Firstly, how many professions can you have in WoW Classic ?

1. In WoW Classic, You can have two primary professions for each character. There are gathering professions (Skinning, Mining, Herbalism) and crafting professions (Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Leatherworking, and Tailoring)

2. The other professions are classified as Secondary Professions (Cooking, Fishing, First Aid) and all can be learned.

Then, What is the best PvP Professions in Classic WoW?

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1. Engineering: Hands down, the best PvP Profession in Classic WoW in my opinion is Engineering. Not only can you utilize many types of bombs, grenades and other gizmos to aid in PvP scenarios, but you can also craft gear, too! I strongly recommend checking out Unique Engineering PvP Items for Classic for more in-depth information on the many uses of Engineering items in PvP.

2. Alchemy: In second place, I do think ?Alchemy is a strong runner up. With ?Alchemy, you can concoct potions that can greatly aid you in PvP combat such as ?Free Action Potion, Swiftness Potion, ?Superior Healing Potion and many more. Or, utilize extra stats from Elixirs.

3. Blacksmithing: And as a runner up, because you can obtain Glimmering Mithril Insignia from completing a series of quests with high enough skill level, I’m going to go choose Blacksmithing. Having a 30 second Fear immunity is massive vs. certain classes.

Above is the experience sharing about the choice of WoW classic profession, hope it will be helpful for you.

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WoW Classic: 20-30 Horde Leveling Guide

20-21 Stonetalone(1)

Go to the doctor in cave and turn in Letter to Jin’Zil. Accept Jin’Zil’z Forest Magic.
Accept Blood Feeders. Go north on the road and accept Arachnophobia.
Turn right to the Canyon and do Deepmoss Spider Eggs, “Blood Feeders”. Do “Arachnophobia”. It’s elite level 21 spider, so you can find more people to complete it.
Once you have done these quests, go to Ziz Fizziks, trun in Ziz Fizziks and accept Super Reaper 6000.
Do Goblin Invaders, “Super Reaper 6000” around Windshear Crag.
Turn in “Super Reaper 6000” and accept the next part.

stonetalone 20-21 (2)

Head to Sun Rock Retreat. Turn in “Arachnophobia”.
If you did Kaya’s Alive, get the Cycle of Rebirth.
Run up South-West and at 47.64 accept Boulderslide Ravine and Trouble in the Deeps.
Go to 61.93 and do “Boulderslide Ravine”.
Return to Malaka’Jin Village and turn in “Blood Feathers”.
Go turn in “Goblin Invaders” and take follow-up part.
In Barrens go to 49.11 and turn in Wenikee Boltbucket.
Go up north and turn in Report to Kadrak. Skip the next part.

21-21 – Ashenvale

Ashenvale 21

Turn in The Ashenvale Hunt at Splintertree Post. Accept it and turn in again.
Head to Zoram Strand (North-Western part of map)
Turn in Trouble in the Deeps and skip the next part.
Get Naga at the Zoram Strand. Do it.
Turn it in and teleport to XRoads.

22-23 – Southern Barrens

barrens 22-23 (1)

Accept Egg Hunt. Fly to Camp Taurajo.
Make CT your home.
Go south and if you see big Thunderlizard named Owatanka, kill it and loot Owatanka’s Tailspike, which starts The Harvester. It’s elite mob and spawns about 3 hours.
Do “Egg Hunt”. Once you there, kill Silithid Harvester, which starts The Harvester. It’s elite mob and spawns about 3 hours.
Go to Blackthorn Ridge and do Betrayal from Within.
Do Weapons of Choice. While you are there, find Washte Pawne. There is quest, which starts from his feather.

barrens 22-23 (2)

Once you have finished, find Tauren Gann Stonespire. He starts the chain Gann’s Reclamation.
Go to 47.86 and do it.
Turn Gann’s Reclamation in and take the next part.
Teleport to CT and turn in all quests.
Take the next part of “Betrayal from Within”.
Fly to XRoads. Turn in quests there.
Go to Ratchet and turn in quests you have done.
Fly to Stonetalon Mountains, Sun Rock Retreat, make it your home.

23-25 – Stonetalon Mountains

23-35 Stonetalon (1)

Accept Cenarius’Legacy, Harpies Threaten. Turn in “Boulderslide Ravine” and take Elemental War.
Go north and do “Cycle of Rebirth”, begin “Jin’Zil’s Forest Magic”.
Continue follow the road to north and get to Stonetalon Peak. Do “Cenarius’ Legacy” and complete “Jin’Zil’s Forest Magic”.
Grind down to goblin and turn in “Further Instructions”. Accept Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle.


Go to Windshear Crag and do “Shredding Machines”. Kill XT:9 and XT:4.
Do “Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle”. Slay Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle.
Return to goblin and turn in quests.
Turn in “Jin’Zil’s Forest Magic” and “Shredding Machines” at 35.28 (the Barrens)
Teleport to Sun Rock.

stonetalone 23-25 (3)

Turn in “Arachnophobia” (highly recommended to be done).
Turn in “Cycle of Rebirth” and take the next.
Accept Ordanus.
Head to The Charred Vale and do “Harpies Threaten”, “New Life” and “Elemental War”.
You should be close to level 25. Return to Retreat and turn in all quests. Accept Calling in the Reserves.
Fly to Thunder Bluff.
Accept The Sacred Flame at 55.51. Turn in Melor Sends Word and accept Steelsnap.
Fly to CT, Barrens.

25-25 – Barrens

barrens 25

Accept Enraged Thunder Lizards.
Make CT your home.
From Tatternack Steelforge accept A New Ore Sample.
Start working on “Enraged Thunder Lizards”.
At Bael’dum Keep do “Revenge of Gann”.
If you can try to find Feegly, which starts The Tear of the Moons. He is located at/around 48,94 in Southern Barrens. He has a single tent and is on a plateau midlevel between the main mining camp and the fortress. To get to the chest containing the quest item you have to enter the keep and go down one floor. The chest is in a lower floored area with two sets of stairs going down to it. There are a total of 6 dwarves down there, the highest being level 30 the rest being 26s, or similar.
Turn in Revenge of Gann and accept the next part.
Go do it at the small wooden tower and turn in.
Head south to The Great Lift. Turn in “Calling in the Reserves”. Accept Message to Freewind Post.

25-26 – Thousand Needles

25-26 thousand needles

NOTE: If you see Galak Messenger, kill him and start Assassination Plot from item he drops.
At Freewind Post accept Wanted- Arnak Grimtotem, Alien Egg, Wind Rider and Pacify the Centaur.
Do the last around 46.43.
Enter the cave at 55.44 and accept Test of Faith. Do it, skip the next part.
Find Gravelsnout Surveyors or Diggers to get Unrefined Ore Sample.
Loot Alien Egg at 56.50/52.55 or 41.60.
Return to Post.

25-26 Thousand Needled (2)

Turn in all quests and accept Grimtotem Spying, Serpent Wind.
Hearth to CT and turn in all quests, take Cry of the Thunderhawk.
Kill Thunderhawks.
Turn in this quest and skip next.
Fly to Ashenvale, Splintertree Post, make it your home.

26-27 – Ashenvale

26-27 Ashenvale (1)

Accept Satyr Horns, Stonetalon Standstill, Ashenvale Outrunners.
Kill Sharptalon at 75.70. He drops Claw, which starts Sharptalon’s Claw.
Do “Ashenvale Outrunners”.
At 68.75 start the escort quest from Torek.
Head to Mystral Lake and do “Stonetalon Standstill”. Find Tideress and kill him for Globe. Begin The Befouled Element.
For Ashenvale hunt kill: Ursangous, Shadumbra. These mobs drop items, that start quests.
Around Raynewood Retreat kill Laughing Sisters for Etched Phial.
Use Phial at the Moonwell (60.73) to complete “The Sacred Flame”.

Ashenvale 26-27 (2)

Hearth to Splintertree Post. Turn in all quests. Accept and complete The Hunt Competed.
Accept Je’neu of the Earthen Ring.
Fly to Zoram Strand.
Accept Vorsha the Lasher and start escort. If Muglash is absent, do it later.
Turn in “Je’neu of the Earthen Ring”.
Accept Troll Charm and Between a Rock and a Thistlefur
Grind do 39.31 and do Between a Rock and a Thistlefur. In cave complete Troll Charm and start escort from Ruul Snowhoof Freedom to Ruul.
Once you have finished, return to Strand and turn in quests.
Teleport to Splintertree Post.
Turn in all quests at the Post.
Kill Keeper Ordanus at 62.51.
At Satyrnaar do “Satyr Horns”. Return to turn it in.

27-28 – Stonetalon Mountains

Stonetalon 27-28

Fly to Stonetalon.
Turn in “Ordanus”. Skip the next quest.
Accept Bloodfury Bloodline.
Make Sun Rock Retreat your home.
Go to The Charred Vale and kill Bloodfury Ripper.
Turn in and fly to TB.
Turn in The Sacred Flame , accept the next part.
Make TB your home, fly to Thousand Needles.

28-29 – Thousand Needles

Thousand Needles 28-29 (1)

Turn in “The Sacred Flame” and accept the next part.
Go to cave at 44.37 and do “The Sacred Flame”. At cave hold the left side and use phial on Ancient Brazier.
Find and kill Galak Messenger if you haven’t done it yet.
At Whitereach Post turn in “Serpent Wild” and accept Sacred Fire with Hypercapacitor Gizmo. Turn in Assassination Plot.
Do “Sacred Fire” at 35.35.
Find Steelsnap for “Steelsnap”.
Make sure you have completed “A New Ore Sample”.
Go to Highperch and do “Wind Rider”. On path upwards find NPC Pao’ka Swiftmountain and do escort Homeward Bound.
Teleport to TB.
At The Hunter Rise turn in “Steelsnap” and accept Frostmaw.
At The Elder Rise turn in “Sacred Fire” and accept Arikara.
Fly to Freewind Post. Make it your home and turn in all quests.

Thousand Needled 28-29 (2)

At 31.37 climb a mountain and do “Grimtotem Spying”. The notes are at 32.33 34.40 and 39.41.
Kill Arikara, while you are at the Darkcloud Pinnacle.
Kill Arnak Grimtotem at 38.27.
There’s Lakota Windsong, that starts Free at Last. Do the escort quest.
Return to Whitereach Post and turn in quests. You should be 29 level.
Find people and kill 30 level elite Panther for “Hypercapacitor Gizmo”.
Turn it in and do Protect Kanati Greycloud.
Teleport to Freewind, turn in “Free at Last” and other quests.
Fly to CT and turn in “A New Ore Sample”.
Head to Orgrimmar and make it your home.
Time to travel to Hillsbrad Foothills. Get zeppelin to Undercity and run to Hillsbrad Foothills across Silverpine Forest. Don’t forget to discover flightpath there.

29-30 – Hillsbrad Foothills

29-30 Hillsbrad Foothhills(1)

At Tarren Mill accept Elixir of Suffering, Elixir of Pain and Elixir of Agony. Also get Battle of Hillsbrad, Helcular’s Revenge and Dangerous!
Start doing “Elixir of Suffering”. Save Turtle Meat for future.
Do “Elixir of Agony”.
Work on “Elixir of Pain” and “Elixir of Suffering”.
Once you finished, return to Mill and turn them in. ONLY accept Elixir of Suffering.
From Christoph Jeffcoat accept Soothing Turtle Bisque (requires cooking). Buy Soothing Spices. As you have meat from turtles, turn it in.
Go to 46.32 and do “Helcular’s Revenge” and complete “Elixir of Pain” by killing Mountain Lions.
Turn in “Elixir of Pain” and accept the next part.
Turn in Helcular’s Revenge and accept the next.

29-30 Hillsbrad Foothhills (2)

Go back to cave at 46.32 and do “Helcular’s Revenge”.
Turn in “Elixir of Pain” at 33.35
Start doing “Battle of Hllsbrad” with “Dangerous!” Kill Citizen Wilkes, Farmer Getz, Farmer Ray, Farmer Kalaba and Clerk Horrace Whitesteed.
Kill Miner Hackett in mine (27.59)
Die and resurrect at spirit.
Turn in “Battle of Hillsbrad” and “Dangerous!”
Accept Regthar Deathgate. Requires level 30.
Go into Arathi Highlands.

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Learn Details of RS Brine Sabre Special Attack in Elite Dungeon 3

It has been confirmed that the special attack of RS gold Brine Sabre now works in Elite Dungeon 3 the Shadow Reef. Here you could learn the details of the Brine Sabre and its special attack.

Changes to RS Brine Sabre in Elite Dungeon 3

According to the patch notes of update on August 12, the adjustment has been made to the Brine Sabre RuneScape. With this update, the special attack of the Brine Sabre now can work in Elite Dungeon 3, the Shadow Reef.
The Brine Sabre special attack is called Liquefy. This special attack uses 75% adrenaline and doubles the chance of a successful hit, and it also increase Attack, Strength and Defence proportional to the damage dealt. The Liquefy special attack can only be used in underwater locations, including RuneScape ED3, the Shadow Reef.

Get Brine Sabre from RuneScape Olaf’s Quest

To obtain the Brine Sabre, you need to defeat brine rats after starting RuneScape Olaf’s Quest. Brine rats are creatures found within the Brine Rat Cavern, requiring level 47 Slayer to damage. It is not necessary to complete the Olaf’s Quest to wield the Brine Sabre, but you need to have 40+ Attack level to wield the sword. The stats of the Brine Sabre are identical to those of the adamant longsword.

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Pokemon Go – Global Challenge Ultra Bonus Schedule & Content

The latest summer of Pokemon Go activities has concluded, and players from around the world experienced plenty of exciting content. Players were successful in completing the challenges of Spark, Blanche, and Candela. This success led to developer Niantic unlocking Professor Willow’s Global Challenge Ultra Bonus for the community of Pokemon’s Go title to enjoy. If you are curious about everything the Pokemon Go Professor Willow’s Global Challenge Ultra Bonus has in store, be sure to check out its schedule and content below.

Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus

There will be a total of three weeks where players can experience a plethora of new content throughout the bonus’ schedule. You can find the official description and plan for each week of the Go Professor Willow’s Global Challenge Ultra Bonus below.

Week 1 Ultra Bonus

September 2 at 1 PM PST – September 9 at 1 PM PST

“Trainers can enjoy a chance to work on their Johto Pokédex while exploring and raiding. Put on your walking shoes, as Pokemon never before seen in Eggs in Pokemon GO will be hatching during this time.”

Week 2 Ultra Bonus

September 9 at 1 PM PST – September 16 at 1 PM PST

“Pokemon from across the globe will join in the celebration this week, along with a special appearance by a Mythical Pokemon that will be available to challenge in raids.”

Week 3 Ultra Bonus

September 16 at 1 PM PST – September 23 at 1 PM PST

“Unusual Pokemon will be appearing in the wild during this week. Noteworthy opponents are coming to raids, too. Throughout the event, you may also be able to add some Pokémon to your Kanto Pokédex that previously eluded you in your part of the world. Venture out to take on challenges and make discoveries. As always, happy exploring, Trainers!”

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Four Winners in OSRS Song of the Elves Gauntlet Competition

The list of winners of OSRS Song of the Elves Gauntlet competition has come out. They have achieved the fastest Pre-change Standard and Corrupted Gauntlet times. Congratulations to them.

Who can obtain the prizes of Gauntlet Competition?

As you have ever left feedback and ideas to OSRS team online, some necessary changes have been made without challenging the integrity of the Gauntlet competition, including grant prizes to reward the performance of top four players.
Here, we decide to present the award rules again for you. The principles about how to identify the winners have been changed as following: the No.1 prize is for the fastest normal Gauntlet PRE-change and the No.2 prize is for the fastest Corrupted Gauntlet PRE-change; the third member of winners will be granted the prize for the fastest normal Gauntlet POST-change and the last winner will obtain the reward for the fastest Corrupted Gauntlet POST-change.

Top four winners of OSRS Gauntlet Competition

It has been for about two weeks after Gauntlet competition launch. During this period, you were required to complete the Song of the Elves Gauntlet in the fastest times and the competition was expanded to contain the corrupted Gauntlet as well as pre and post balancing changes. Four winners will be able to receive a custom Old School GT Omega Pro gaming chair:
1. Standard Gauntlet ( pre-change): Playgrounds – 3:45
2. Corrupted Gauntlet ( pre-change): Vuleka – 5:35
3. Standard Gauntlet ( post-change): Kelvino – 3:12
4. Corrupted Gauntlet ( post-change): Woox – 4:45
The results of Gauntlet competition are 100% fair as professional OSRS team serves all of you. And each of four winners can expect an inbox message in the coming days detailing arrangements for your prizes.

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The Elder Scrolls Online DLC Available With New Update

The MMORPG “The Elder Scrolls Online” has received on the PC an extension called “Clockwork City”. Furthermore the update 16 with numerous adaptations and innovations was released.
Bethesda Softworks and ZeniMax Online have published the “Clockwork City” extension for the MMORPG “The Elder Scrolls Online”. From now on, PC and Mac players can buy the latest DLC expansion at a price of 2,000 crowns. Furthermore, all ESO Plus members can download the extension for free.

About DLC Clockwork City

In “Clockwork City” the players travel into the enigmatic kingdom of Sotha Sil. The Clockwork God and Father of Mysteries is one of the divine rulers of Morrowind. However, not much is known about one of Tamriel’s most puzzling figures. The following details have been collected from the official website:

Investigate A String Of Mysterious Murders – Throughout Tamriel, important guilds, diviners, scholars, and planar archaeologists are killed by their own shadows and touch you to find out why these lethal assaults.

Discover The Secrets Of The Clockwork City – Its existence is a closely guarded secret and only very few elected by the Sotha Sil circle know the location. But now the most intrepid explorers will enter for the first time in the mechanical masterwork of the Clockwork God in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Come Face To Face With Mechanized Wonders – By exploring Clockwork City, you will find that it is both a laboratory and a testing ground for Sotha Sil’s mechanical creations, dangerous living machines that are so fascinating as lethal.

A Whole New Realm To Explore – In the DLC Clockwork City you must unveil a Daedric conspiracy, but it is the whole realm to be a mystery in itself, so it could be its nature and its purpose to represent the greatest enigma!

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Essence of Water farming locations

Winterspring Essence of Water farming

The Watery Invaders in Winterspring are a great option, since the spot has enough elementals for 2 players to be farming there. In addition to this, there are lots of wow classic gold cheap great farming locations for other things near. This way, you can easily switch if there are too many people farming here. For example, farming Felcloth, or Essence of Fire in Felwood for a while, until this location is clear again

Eastern Plaguelands

There are several types of Water Elementals in this zone, and there are two major locations for Essence of Water. Also, the zone is great to combine gathering professions. So you can switch to farming Thorium Herbs for a while if both of the Essence of Water locations are full.

On the whole, the most suitable race for Paladin is Human. Although the Dwarf talent is strong, but the help for Paladin is very small, but the talent of Human is flawed, but the appearance of Human is very beautiful, can meet the player’s aesthetic requirements.

The actual talent and video talent are completely different solutions. One video kills all kinds of monsters from beginning to end. One is because the majority of 1VN is a rookie, and the other is that you don’t know if you are changing talents in the middle.The first half of the video can be targeted at physical talent, the second half is for legal talent, and the end is a violent killing talent. In this process, as long as you don’t open the panel, you don’t know if you have any talent.The goal of the actual talent is to deal with most of the combat situation, try to avoid the situation of a certain occupation is completely crushed, and it is impossible to play a different career.

For the novice, the benefits of this talent can not only take into account the PVP battle in the wild, but also produce relatively high damage to the monster during the upgrade process. Especially in the need to quickly clean up monsters, the efficiency of killing is much higher than the professional team copy output talent. Because the monsters in the wild are greatly affected by Frostbite, and the monsters in the team copy are mostly immune to Frostbite. As long as the monster is frozen by Frostbite, then with the Shatter talent, there will be a lot of crit damage.


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Classic WoW Test Realm extended

We’re going to keep the WoW Classic pre-launch test realms open and available for play through the weekend. Please feel free to test WoW Classic as much as you like.The pre-launch test will end on Monday, August 12 at 9:00 a.m. PDT. We are not planning an in-game event for shutdown this time. Thank you very much to everyone who came out and provided the testing we were hoping for!

Thanks to you, we’ve been able to fine-tune our plans for launch, and we even captured a few issues that we were able to solve yesterdayIn general, you want to kill humanoids that are level 45 or higher when you are farming. There is another spot with ogres that can be amazing. The higher the level of the mobs gets, the higher the chance is, that they also drop Runecloth. It’s in one of the least visited zones in all of World of Warcraft, the Deadwind Pass. Along with some spirits, these Ogres are the only ones that dare to make camp here. The spot is along the eastern path towards the south, and there are more than enough ogres here. The competition depends a lot on the server though, and how many people know about it.

“Level is higher and higher, the list of friends more and more bleak! Even if met new friends, those who no longer online friends also reluctant to delete…… 15 years, stumbling in the middle! Afk is back, afk is back, again and again! Comrades, it is time to return to the origin, let us get ready to step on the hero’s road again! For the horde! Lok Tar ‘Ogar!”Are you ready? Do not wander, do not hesitate, because wowclassigp will all the way together with you! We have prepared any WOW classic power leveling service you need for you.

Berserking has always been a strong PVE talent, which can increase the attack or cast speed. If you like PVE, Troll can consider it, the only drawback is that it is ugly.In addition to ethnic talent, the initial attributes of the WOW Classic family are different. Take Mage as an example. The highest Intellect in Alliance is Gnome, and the highest in Intellect in Horde is Troll.

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Learn Changes to OSRS Zalcano, Gauntlet & More with Update Aug 8

According to the latest official news post, some changes have been made to osrs gold Song of the Elves content following players’ feedback. Here you could learn these changes to Zalcano OSRS, Gauntlet and others.

Changes to Zalcano OSRS

1. Zalcano’s symbols take slightly longer before dealing damage.
2. The damage has been reduced when standing beneath Zalcano OSRS after she was knocked down.
3. The quick-pass option on Zalcano’s prison barrier was removed.
4. During the Zalcano encounter, the falling rocks now deal damage when hitting the floor.
5. Zalcano takes a consistent amount of time to destroy the glowing rock.
6. Zalcano’s death animation has been extended, in order to prevent Zalcano from reappearing for a brief moment.
7. The drops from the Golem now are only given to the player dealing the most damage.

Changes to the Gauntlet OSRS

1. The interface will remain open when creating items within the Gauntlet OSRS.
2. There is a guaranteed chance to get a different powerful weapon component after killing a duplicate tier 3 creature within the Gauntlet.
3. The scoreboard in the Gauntlet lobby can display your deaths and the global deaths for each Gauntlet version.

Changes to OSRS Crystal Weapons

Crystal weapons and Crystal shield OSRS with 2500 charges (or brand new ones) now stack in the bank. These will be converted whenever they are equipped or gain/lose any charges, rather than automatically stack in the bank after logging in.

What do you think about these Song of the Elves content changes?

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Fortnite Missions Guide: Introduction & How to Complete

This is the place to be if you want to know everything there is to know about Fortnite Missions in Fortnite Season 10. The new system is slightly confusing but we’re here to help, with explanations on how missions work in Fortnite, how to prestige missions in Fortnite, guides to completing the challenges themselves, and more. Read on for all you need on Fortnite Missions, with direct links to specific challenges too.

What are Fortnite Missions?

To find all of the Fortnite Missions, navigate to the Challenges tab and you’ll see them laid out in two horizontal rows. At the start of the season, there’s four available; B.R.U.T.E Squad, which is a limited time mission; Level-Headed, which is tied into your season level; Rumble Royale, which can only be completed in Team Rumble, and Road Trip, which is essentially the new Week One challenges.

Missions are the overall name for each set of challenges, then each objective contained within is a specific challenge. There’s three challenges available in each mission, then when you complete one, it will be replaced with a different one, for a maximum of seven. Finishing them all will allow you to prestige the mission, which gives you another seven, much more difficult challenges to complete. More on that in our Fortnite Prestige guide. Read on for guides to completing specific missions and challenges.

Fortnite Rumble Royale mission

As mentioned above, the Fortnite Rumble Royale challenges can only be completed in Team Rumble, which is essentially the Team Deathmatch mode in Fortnite. Nothing in this mission is particularly tricky to know how to do, but some of them will take a few tries, especially when you get to the prestige mission.

Fortnite Road Trip mission

The Fortnite Road Trip challenges will look familiar to players who completed challenges in previous seasons, because they’re basically the Week One challenges with a new name. There’s a few difficult objectives in here like destroying stop signs and visiting specific locations, so make sure you check out the complete guide to stay ahead of the challenges.

Fortnite Spray and Pray mission

Week two has the Fortnite Spray and Pray challenges, which are all about graffiti and using your undoubtedly large collection of sprays. We’ve got a number of breakout guides to cover all of the tricky ones along with tips for completing the rest, so make sure you check them out.

There’s also the Zero Point and Level-Headed challenges, but those are really simple to complete, they’ll just take a while.

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