Learn WOW Ursoc from Shadowlands Afterlives Series: Ardenweald

The third episode of WOW Shadowlands Afterlives animated series has been announced, and you can be able to watch the Ardenweald shorts now. Meanwhile, you can also learn somthing about Ursoc from this shorts.

WOW Shadowlands Afterlives: Ardenweald live now

Ardenweald, the third cinematic in the Shadowlands Afterlives animated series, has been revealed. This shorts features Winter Queen, Ursoc and the Night Fae Covenant. At the beginning of Ardenweald animated series, Ursoc yells “THE WILDS TREMBLE BEFORE MY FURY!” in battle and “The Nightmare’s veil is lifted… I return at last… to the long slumber.” Then it shows that Ursoc’s spirit heads to Ardenweald where he slumbers. And Ursoc’s corrupted appearance shed to be a tranquil bear.
Click here to watch the whole Ardenweald Afterlives animated series.

Introduction to WOW Ursoc

Ursoc is a character of myth and legend. He is a Wild God protecting the forests of Azeroth with his twin brother Ursol together. Ursoc first died in the War of the Ancients and was brought back to live by the Grizzlemaw furbolgs. However, due to the corrupt magics of Vordrassil used to resurrect him, Ursoc was dead once more. Following his death in Wrath of the Lich King, Ursoc’s spirit was located in the Emerald Dream for several expansions. Ursoc has returned to Azeroth twice now and experienced corruption both times. He expects to serve the forest, probably welcoming the chance to protect the forces of Life and Nature from within the Shadowlands.

In a word, you can watch Shadowlands Afterlives animated series: Ardenweald now and learn more about Ursoc. Besides, don’t forget to buy cheap WOW Shadowlands Power leveling and other products from WOWclassicgp all the time.

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Join in RS Double XP Live for Archaeology from Nov. 6th

RS Double XP Live will come back with double XP boost! From Nov. 6th, enjoy Double XP Live for rsgold Archaeology and others.


Join in RS Double XP Live for XP boost


It has been revealed in the recent official news post that RS Double XP Live will be active from November 6th to November 16th 2020. During this event, members will receive Double XP throughout the event, and free-to-play players can get in on the fun too with 20% extra XP in all available skills. That’s ten whole days in which to use the 48 hours of Double XP time. The mechanics of the event this time are otherwise the same as previous event.


Get Double XP in RS Archaeology


This time players can get Double XP in Archaeology during the double XP event, so there is never been a better time to explore the newly uncovered Orthen Dig Site. Here’s what else Double XP Live brings to budding archaeologists:

1. Base Precision is doubled, so players can get double the projects per hour from excavation.

2. XP from excavation and screening activities is doubled.

Note: Players will not receive Double XP from tomes, research, mysteries, pylons, or restoring artefacts.


Are you ready RS Double XP Live?

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FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream Predictions Details: Release Date, Offers and More

Ultimate Scream is a yearly event in FIFA Ultimate Team for celebrating Halloween, every year, there will be a group of scream cards with great boosts released. As the time going closer to Halloween, when will the Ultimate Scream team be revealed in the game? Now we bring the FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream release date, card predictions, and offers for the promo.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream Release Date

Based on the previous FUT calendar, the Ultimate Scream promo is often coming to FIFA on a Friday before Halloween day. This year, FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream is expected to start on October 23, 2020 (Friday). There are usually two scream teams available in the game, so the first FUT 21 Ultimate Scream squad should be scheduled at 6 PM (UK) on October 23, 2020, and the second squad is predicted to drop at 6 PM (UK) on October 30, 2020.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream Predictions

Here are the players that are very possible to be featured in the FUT 21 Ultimate Scream team, with their potential upgrades. Around a total of 22 Ultimate Scream players of two teams will be released in packs and available for a limited time. FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream cards have permanently upgraded stats and also receive temporary boosts during Halloween and specific periods. You can trade these special players to earn FIFA 21 coins.

Phillips – CDM – Leeds United – 76 to 84

Sarr – RM – Watford – 78 to 84

Oscar – CAM – Shanghai SIPG – 83 to 88

Nkunku – CAM – RB Leipzig – 80 to 85

Gosens – LM – Atalanta – 82 to 86

Promes – LW (CAM) – Ajax – 82 to 86

Poulsen – ST – RB Leipzig – 78 to 84

Origi – ST – Liverpool – 77 to 84

Bernardeschi – CAM – Piemonte Calcio – 80 to 87

Tolisso – CM – FC Bayern – 80 to 85

Delaney – CDM – Dortmund – 81 to 86

Vertonghen – CB – SL Benfica – 83 to 88

Gomis – ST – Al Hilal – 80 to 86

Lukaku – ST – Inter – 85 to 89

Gignac – ST – Tigres – 81 to 85

Draxler – CAM – PSG – 80 to 87

Rebic – ST – Milan – 79 to 85

Van Dijk – CB – Liverpool – 90 to 92

Dembele – RW (LW) – FC Barcelona – 83 to 87

Griezmann – ST – FC Barcelona – 87 to 90

Bailly – CB – Manchester Utd – 79 to 84

Modric – CM – Real Madrid – 87 to 90

Mertens – CF – Napoli – 85 to 88

FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream Offers

Other than FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream players, what offers can you get during the event?

- Themed SBC. Squad Building Challenges will be released with other boosted Ultimate Scream cards and packs as rewards.

- Themed Objectives. Complete the specific objective, you can earn Ultimate Scream player items, packs, or other rewards.

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Learn WOW Death’s Rising Week 1 Questline in Shadowlands Pre-Patch

The story of WOW Death’s Rising Week 1 questline in Shadowlands Pre-Patch has been revealed. It shows that the leaders of Alliance and Horde are abducted, and while in Icecrown the questline is similar for both sides. The further details of this questline are introduced below. classic wow gold

What is WOW Death’s Rising Week 1 questline?

Death’s Rising Week 1 questline is live in the first week of Shadowlands Pre-Patch PTR, which introduces the event and gives you new Death’s Rising dailies in Icecrown.
Several leaders of both Horde and Alliance are abducted by the Jailer’s forces. Anduin Wrynn and Jaina Proudmoore are Alliance’s leaders, and Thrall and Baine Bloodhoof are Horde’s leaders. This questline is similar for both factions while in Icecrown.

WOW Death’s Rising Week 1 questline introduction

1. Start with An Urgent Request quest, reporting to Genn Greymane at Lion’s Rest in Stormwind City.
2. Talk with NPCs present at Lion’s Rest.
3. Report to the Argent Crusade in Stormwind, and gather reports from Elwynn Forest, Redridge Mountains and Duskwood.
4. Go to Goldshire, Three Corners and the Darkened Bank to assess the situation.
5. While getting to Duskwood, clean some Scourges in the area in Damned Intruders quest.
6. Come back to Stormwind after the zombies are taken care of.
7. Then be sent to Icecrown after delivering report.
1. Be sent to Lor’themar Theron atop Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar.
2. Watch a placeholder cinematic and talk with Lor’themar.
3. Head to the Argent Crusade camp in Orgrimmar, and gather reports from officers in Durotar and The Barrens.
4. Report to the Dranosh’ar Blockade, Razor Hill and Far Watch Post.
5. Upon gathering all reports, report to the soldiers at the Crossroads and kill ghouls and Cult of the Damned cultists.
6. Come back to Orgrimmar and be sent to Icecrown

Death’s Rising Week 1 questline introduction in Icecrown

1. When both Alliance and Horde are in Icecrown, a new shattered veil skybox can be seen.
2. Get to the Argent Tournament Grounds and deliver message to Justicar Mariel Trueheart.
3. Kill Scourge around the grounds in Securing the Area and heal wounded valiants.
4. Analyze at Scourge activity around Icecrown: watch the scourge outposts of Ald’ruthar and Mord’rethar.
5. Set a foothold forward at the Ironwall Rampart in Advancing the Effort quest that can be turned in to enable Invasion daily quests in Icecrown.

Keep your eyes peel at WOW Death’s Rising Week 1 questline. Moreover, you can choose us to buy cheap WOW Shadowlands Power leveling with fast delivery.

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OSRS Gold income under the combination of Grand Exchange and RS3gold

Old School Runescape is not only a game in the eyes of old players, it is also a link in the game economy industry chain. Because many players have achieved wealth freedom through the economic benefits brought by Old School Runescape. This is not to exaggerate the influence of Old School Runescape.

General players can earn many items in Runescape through various tasks. If you are already comfortable in the game, I believe you will find out the deal here soon.

In Runescape, Grand Exchange is a place where players can purchase the items they need. However, you should have some RS gold medals in your account. Because it is your currency for trading various items in the Runescape game.

Sometimes, Runescape is very similar to the stock market, you can make the difference by buying low prices and selling high prices. This is a great way to get enough gold in Runescape. For best results, find items that can be easily purchased within a low budget. Buy and sell them for maximum profit. This is a way that many old players will use.

If you have already acquired a lot of gold, it is best to start investing. Buy rare items, such as tradable holiday items, and sell them at regular intervals. This is the best way to sell it and get a higher value.

When it comes to flipping, the question is which items are best to flip? It is best to use logs, herbs, arrows, food, raw materials, potions, and other items to flip. Besides, if you plan to sell more expensive items but do not have enough money, you can choose a reliable third-party platform to Buy OSRS Gold and then buy the items you want to sell. However, please make sure that the website you are working on is reliable.

RS3gold.com is mainly used for transactions related to RS products between players, especially OSRS Gold. It ensures your information security, payment security, and fraud protection during the transaction process. It is a platform used by many players. The product information here is open and transparent, and you will not worry about losing yourself. Trade with confidence!

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Enjoy RS Digsite Delve Treasure Hunter Promo for New Prizes

RS Digsite Delve has been active as a new Treasure Hunter promotion. Until Oct. 26th, get rsgold dwarven excavator and other prizes from Treasure Hunter.


Participate in RS Digsite Delve TH promo


RS Digsite Delve is a new Treasure Hunter promotion which runs from Ocotber 20th to October 26th, 2020. During this Treasure Hunter promotion, the normal chests are replaced with a grid of tiles, 36 of which can be dug by using a key each. Each tile offers three prizes to pick from, first of which might be a promotional prize, while the other two are regular Treasure Hunter prizes of matching category.

Digging a tile might reveal a powerup in the grid. Here are the possible powerups:

Guaranteed purple gem prize

Guaranteed red gem prize

x4 multiplier

x2 multiplier


What can you get from RS Digsite Delve?


Here are the possible prizes that can be obtained from this TH promo:

Dwarven excavator: a dwarven tool that can be used for Archaeology. it has two modes: 150% progress toward artefacts but no materials, or double materials but no artefact progress.

Fixate charge token: can be consumed to gain an additional charge of the Fixate spell. Upon use the charges can store in the skilling section of the spellbook, which will not replace the daily charges that are gained by the Master archaeologist’s outfit.

Restored artefact replicator: can be used on any restored artefact to duplicate it.

Supreme star (huge, large, medium, small)


Enjoy RS Digsite Delve for these new prizes!

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FIFA 21 Player Faces Guide: Bruno Fernandes, Bukayo Saka & More

FIFA 21 player faces should look superb on next-gen, even if gameplay itself takes a year or two to truly evolve – and thankfully, EA’s scanning team has put in some impressive graft over the past 12 months despite the challenges presented by coronavirus. FIFA 21 adds full team scans for PSV Eindhoven, Benfica and Marseille, while a number of Premier League and Bundesliga stars finally get fresh faces too. Below we’ve chosen 17 of the best new starheads to form your FIFA 21 player faces guide.

Bukayo Saka (LM, Arsenal)

Quite the year for the Gunners’ left-back/left-wing hybrid. On 1 July Saka signed a long-term senior contract with Arsenal; on 8 October he made his England debut in a 3-0 win over Wales; and in between those dates, the release of FIFA 21 saw him score a real face scan for the first time. Tidy.

Eddie Nketiah (ST, Arsenal)

Like team-mate Saka, Nketiah’s breakthrough to the Arsenal first team is rewarded with a proper player likeness on the digital turf. Five other Gunners receive authentic starheads for FIFA 21: goalkeeper Matt Macey, centre-back Pablo Mari, attacking midfielder Jospeh Willock, and wingers Reiss Nelson and Gabriel Martinelli.

Bruno Fernandes (CAM, Manchester United)

About time. The Portuguese playmaker has established himself as one of the best players in the world over the last 24 months, yet been stuck with a hideous FIFA likeness. That’s finally rectified here. Other United players given fresh headscans are Daniel James, Harry Maguire, Marcus Rashford, Alex Telles, and Brandon Williams.

Noni Madueke (RM, PSV Eindhoven)

A big batch of new faces for PSV, of which England Under-18 midfielder Madueke is the pick. Joining him fresh out of the scanning booth are Olivier Boscagli, Denzel Dumfries, Cody Gakpo, Erick Gutierrez, Jorrit Hendrix, Mohamed Ittaharen, Yvon Mvogo, Pablo Rosario, Ryan Thomas, Lars Unnerstall, and Nick Viergever.

Duje Caleta-Car (CB, Marseille)

Best beard in the game? With this facial fur The 6’ 4” Croatian looks more WWE 2K21 character than FIFA 21 centre-back, or at least he would do, had that game not been cancelled. And he’s far from the only Marseille defender given a proper face in FIFA 21. On which note.

Hiroki Sakai (RB, Marseille)

Now into his fifth Marseille season, the veteran Japanese full-back finally gets an accurate FIFA likeness. Also given the scanning treatment are (deep breath) Jordan Amavi, Michael Cuisance, Valere Germain, Boubacar Kamara, Saif-Eddine Khaoui, Dimitri Payet, Lucas Perrin, Nemanja Radonjic, Valentin Rongier, Morgan Sanson, Bouna Sarr, Kevin Strootman, and Florian Thauvin. Okay, you can exhale now.

Aaron Ramsdale (GK, Sheffield United)

Much of the Sheffield United squad was scanned following promotion last season, and the Blades were light on summer signings. Keeper Ramsdale, then, is their only (quite literal) new face for FIFA 21 following his switch from Bournemouth. New team-mates Ethan Ampadu and Rhian Brewster were already scanned while with Chelsea and Liverpool respectively.

Erling Braut Haaland (ST, Borussia Dortmund)

A rumoured summer move to Manchester United or Real Madrid never materialised, but Haaland is at least upgraded from his previous Generohead United look. At time of writing he’s already netted 17 times in 18 games for Dortmund, and has every chance of topping 30 goals this season. Expect United and Madrid to call again next summer.

Jhon Cordoba (ST, Hertha Berlin)

The Colombian’s FUT Birthday card was colossal in FIFA 20 – 92 pace, 93 physicality – making him a cult hero to the few Ultimate Teamers who ran an all-Bundesliga squad. Yet his placeholder appearance grated, so it’s ace to see him given a proper face this year. Now we just need the big man to score another special card or two.

Alisson (GK, Liverpool)

The Premier League champions’ super stopper never looked quite right in FIFA 20, and gets a supremely beardy new scan this time around. Virgil Van Dijk, Harry Wilson, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Roberto Firmino all re-scanned too, while young keeper Caoimhin Kelleher gets his first ever scan. Oddly, he’s not yet available in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

Maxwel Cornet (RW, OL)

Just one Cornet-o, give him to me…  the rapid Ivorian gets one of the best likenesses in this year’s game, and is serviceable in Ultimate Team even with a 75-OVR thanks to his 87 pace. Bring him off the bench and watch opposition full-backs flounder. At 450 coins he’ll bolster any all-Ligue 1 squad.

Moussa Dembele (ST, OL)

Another Lyon attacker available at discard value, who offers 81 pace, 83 dribbling, and a spot-on likeness. Other new faces added to Lyon include Houssem Aouar, Maxence Caqueret, Leo Dubois, Anthony Lopes, Jean Lucas and Karl Toko-Ekambi.

Pizzi (RM, Benfica)

Like national team-mate Bruno Fernandes, packing Pizzi was always a disappointment in previous years as soon as you stepped onto the pitch: his likeness was pure Sunday League. Not any more. Also newly added to Benfica are scans for Andre Almeida, Franco Cervi, Chiquinho, Ferro, Alex Grimaldo, Andreas Samaris, Haris Seferovic, Rafa Silva, Adel Taarabt (remember him?!), Nuno Tavaras, Odysseas Vlachodimos, and Julian Wiegl.

Allan Saint-Maximan (LM, Newcastle United)

65,000 coins. As I write this that’s the going rate for Saint-Maximan’s FIFA 21 card. It’s only rated 80 OVR, but 93 pace and 87 dribbling has seen its price soar – while his 83-rated TOTW item is a preposterous 288,000 coins. Shell out for either and 1. you’re mad but 2. you at least get a real face to go with your new-found bankruptcy.

Sean & Matty Longstaff (both CM, Newcastle United)

Weirdly only one of the Longstaff brothers is currently in Ultimate Team: Sean is in, but Matty is absent without explanation, though still included in all other modes. That must be patched soon. Thankfully, both get real faces this year, as do team-mates Emil Krafth and DeAndre Yedlin.

Frenkie de Jong (CM, Barcelona)

Just the two new scans for Barca this year: Netherlands wonderkid de Jong (who inevitably features on our list of the FIFA 21 best young players) and some guy named Lionel Messi. Whether the latter will still be at Barcelona when FIFA 22 drops is another issue entirely

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WoW Classic Gold Farming in Un’Goro Crater Guide

A lush jungle in the southern Kalimdor, which is isolated from the source as it shares borders with the deserts of Feralas and Silithus. Many challenges await players here as they explore, even though its border make the area look rather isolated. This zone has creatures like dinosaurs, exotic plants, elementals, oozes, gorillas, and pop culture references. Which is quite a great location for farming gold. It is also recommended that you have a level of 48-55 before you access this area. Cheapest wow classic gold


Many players gold farm here by collecting Devilsaur Leather. It’s better if you have the ability Skinning while farming these, to get better profit. Although the Devilsaurs have a small chance in dropping Devilsaur Leather, getting as much as possible will increase your gold hour.

Devilsaur Leather is dropped by the following NPCs

· Devilsaur

· Ironhide Devilsaur

· Tyrant Devilsaur

· King Mosh

The formula to skin one is:

(Devilsaur Level) *5 = Skinning Skill Required.

For example, if you find a level 54 Devilsaur, you’ll need at least a skill of 270 to skin it. The reason why this leather is so much in demand is because for its part in crafting items like Devilsaur Gantlets and Devilsaur Leggings. Both of these items are pre-raid best in slot for Rogue, Hunter and Warrior class.

You can see their location pinned in the picture below,


Un’Goro being a lush jungle, you will find many types of herbs as you explore the zone. Many of which are in demand to make high level potions and flasks.

· Sungrass – used in Elixir of Greater Agility, Elixir of Giants & more

· Blindweed – one of the few zones you’ll find this herb

· Ghost Mushroom – usually in or around caves; Fungal Rock

· Golden Sansam – used in Major Healing Potion, Major Rejuvenation Potion, Greater Dreamless Sleep Potion

· Dreamfoil – high in demand, used to make Flask of Distilled Wisdom, Flask of Supreme Power & more high-end potions

· Mountain Silversage – used in Elixir of the Mongoose, Major Healing Potion & more; lots in Fire Plume Ridge


Around the zone, you’ll eventually run into neutral mobs like Bloodpetal Flayer, Bloodpetal Lasher, Bloodpetal Pest, and Bloodpetal Trapper. They have a good chance to drop a single herb, which is completely at random. They can drop anything from Silverleaf to Gromsblood, but what they often do drop is Un’Goro Soil (you’ll know more about it in the next section) and Savage Frond.

Un’Goro Soil

This soil has a chance to drop from mobs within Un’Goro Crater. It’s associated with a chain of quests that lead to the increase of your reputation through repeated turn-ins with either Darnassus or Thunder Bluff using Morrowgrain. But in order to do that, you’ll have to complete the quest Un’Goro Soil.


Many miners choose to run the perimeter of Un’Goro Crater as well as around the middle of the map on Fire Plume Ridge to find lots of deposits, including:

· Mithril Deposit

· Small Thorium Vein

· Ooze Covered Thorium Vein

· Rich Thorium Vein

· Ooze Covered Rich Thorium Vein


The most profitable fishes you’ll find in Un’Goro Crater are Oily Blackmouth and Lightning Eel, which are also used in the quest Craftsman’s Writ – Lightning Eel.

Fire Elementals

One of the most popular farming areas and the home to the Living Blaze and Scorching Elemental. These fire elementals can drop in high demanded crafting materials.

· Essence of Fire

· Coal

· Core of Elements

· Elemental Fire

· Heart of Fire

· Burning Pitch

Lakkari Tar Pits

A series of tar pits in the northern part of Un’Goro Crater, north of Fire Plume Ridge. What will you find there?

· Tar Lord

· Tar Beast

· Tar Creeper

· Tar Lurker

Players farm these creatures for their rare chance in dropping Living Essence, which is used in many crafting professionals and sells for a good value at the Auction House.

Power Crystals

In Un’Goro Crater, you’ll find different kinds of Power Crystals scattered around the zone. These crystals can be looted by any class and needs no professions to do so. You can use these crystals to create a particular item buffs that can boost your end game efficiency at either Northern, Western or Eastern Pylon. These crystals can also be sold at the Auction House, as they are also quest objectives for several quests.

· Blue Power Crystal

· Green Power Crystal

· Red Power Crystal

· Yellow Power Crystal

Note: You can begin collecting them at any point, but there is a pre-requisite quest to complete before you can begin freely handing them in at the Pylons. Start by speaking to J.D. Collie inside a cave behind Marshall’s Refuge.

J.D. Collie

Pick up her quest, Crystals of Power, asking you to Collect 7 Power Crystals of each colour: red, blue, yellow and green. After collecting the crystals and returning to J.D. Collie, she will give you a follow up quest to discover the 3 Pylons in Un’Goro Crater:

- The Northern Pylon

- The Eastern Pylon

- The Western Pylon

What are the locations for the Pylons?

Head back to J.D. Collie to turn in the quests. She’ll give you Crystal Pylon User’s Manual, and now you’ll freely be able to redeem crystals in at the Pylons for some buffs.

Northern Pylon

- Crystal Charge – AoE fire dmg, good alternative to a Goblin Sapper Charge

Ä Yellow Power Crystalx10

Ä Red Power Crystalx10

- Crystal Restore – weak HoT, use in conjunction with other health pots / needed for ‘Fragments of the Past’ quest

Ä Yellow Power Crystalx10

Ä Green Power Crystalx10

Western Pylon

- Crystal Ward – increase Armor by 200 for 30min / Needed for ‘Libram of Tenacity’ quest

Ä Red Power Crystalx10

Ä Green Power Crystalx10

- Crystal Yield – decrease target’s armour by 200 for 2min

Ä Red Power Crystalx10

Ä Blue Power Crystalx10

Eastern Pylon

- Crystal Force – +30 Spirit for 30min / Needed for ‘Libram of Voracity’ quest

Ä Green Power Crystalx10

Ä Blue Power Crystalx10

- Crystal Spire – +12 damage to attackers (Similar to Thorns / Needed for ‘Libram of Resilience’ quest

Ä Yellow Power Crystalx10

Ä Blue Power Crystalx10

And with that, we can conclude our guide. Best of luck! By the way, buy cheapest wow classic gold from us now, get more!


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OSRS Sheep Herder Quest

The OSRS Sheep Herder has no skill and quest requirements, the quest itself is not very long and it is easy to complete. During the OSRS Sheep Herder quest, you will find out that some of the sheep in Ardougne have been infected with a plague. You will have to separate the sick sheep from the herd and kill them.

Then you will have to dispose of their remains to prevent the plague from spreading to the town. The people of Ardougne are counting on you to save them from the plague. Can you prove yourself as a hero by completing this very important task?

Items Needed

For the OSRS Sheep Herder quest, you will need to have 100 coins and maybe a few energy and stamina potions.
East Ardougne

To start this OSRS Sheep Herder quest you must go to East Ardougne and talk to Councillor Halgrive located in the graveyard directly south of the church. He will tell you that a plague has spread across Western Ardougne and that four sheep have escaped from a local farm, causing a threat to the health and safety of the public.

Councillor Halgrive will tell you that he needs someone to herd the sheep into a safe place, where to kill them, and quickly dispose of the remains. Agree to help him and he will tell you that you will need some kind of protective clothing. Now you have to find Doctor Orbon who can give you a protective suit.

Halgrive will say that you can find Doctor Orbon in the chapel north of here. He will give you poisoned sheep feed because he believes that this way you will minimize the risk of airborne contamination, and it is more humane to the sheep.

Go inside the church and talk to Doctor Orbon and he will sell you the protective clothing for 100 coins. Agree to pay for the suit, and you should receive a plague jacket and plague trousers. Equip them, exit the church, follow the path west of the church, and run to the north.
Herding The Sheep Part From The OSRS Sheep Herder Quest

Exit Ardougne and north-west you will see the fenced-in enclosure, enter the gate on the west side of the enclosure. In the building you will see a red dot on your minimap, there you will find a cattleprod, pick it up from the ground and exit the enclosure.

Now you need to search for the sick sheep and prod them towards the enclosure. The red sheep is located north of the north bank in East Ardougne. Equip your cattleprod and use it on the sheep, stand behind the sick sheep and direct it towards the enclosure.

The sheep can return back to their initial locations if you wait too long to prod. Do this until all the sheep with different colored wool are in the enclosure. The locations for the other colored sheep are:

Green sheep are north-east of the red sheep, directly north of a fenced-in area with chopped and fallen trees.
Blue sheep are located north-west of the fenced-in enclosure with the incinerator, nearby a small camp with warrior women. Do not go too far, as there are also aggressive moss giants nearby.
Yellow sheep are located south of the Fishing Guild.

Once all the sick sheep go inside the gate, use the poisoned sheep food to kill each sheep. Collect their bones and use them on the incinerator to burn the remains. Return to Councillor Halgrive and tell him you disposed of the four sheep. He will reimburse you the 100 coins you spent for the protective clothing in addition to 3,000 coins for your service.
Rewards For Completing The OSRS Sheep Herder Quest
OSRS Sheep Herder Quest

4 Quest points
3,100 coins

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RS Halloween 2020 Coming Soon with New Pumpkin Rewards

With the approach of Halloween, it is the time to get ready for OSRS Halloween event this year. This year you will enjoy a new POH osrs gold pumpkin for OSRS Halloween 2020.
Potential release date of OSRS Halloween 2020

To speculate OSRS Halloween 2020 release date, first we should know when it began and ended in the last few years:
Halloween event 2019: from Oct. 24 to Nov. 7
Halloween event 2018: from Oct. 25 to Nov. 8
Halloween event 2017: from Oct. 19 to Nov. 9
Halloween event 2016: from Oct. 20 to Nov. 17
According to the information on previous events, the Old School RS Halloween event should start in one or two weeks before Halloween. It can be speculated that OSRS Halloween event 2020 may be released on October 21st, and we will update the information if the release date is confirmed.
New POH pumpkin for OSRS Halloween 2020

One of the rewards for Halloween event this year has been revealed by Mod Brow. In his Tweet on October 1st, he revealed the team has made a POH pumpkin for the Halloween update.
There will be more new rewards in the Halloween event this year. In addition, you can also claim other rewards from previous Halloween events from Diango.

We will update our news if there is more detailed information on OSRS Halloween event 2020. Additionally, you could buy OSRS gold safely and fast from professional RSorder.

Halloween is drawing near this year! Here comes RSorder Pre-Halloween Big Treat during Oct.14-Oct.18 2020, offering up to $10 coupons for OSRS gold, RS gold and others.
Code “RAT3”: $3 off for orders above $50.
Code “RAT5”: $5 off for orders above $80.
Code “RAT1”: $10 off for orders above $150.

Besides, long-term 6% off code “JUSTPP” is also offered for U to buy Osrs gold / Runescape 3 Gold and all other products from https://www.rsorder.com/ at anytime.

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