Guide: Where to Find The Mysterious Pod in Fortnite

Fortnite players eager to earn themselves a Predator Outfit will need to complete a series of Jungle Hunter challenges as part of the Season 5 Battle Pass. The first Jungle Hunter challenge asks you to find a “Mysterious Pod” in Fortnite.

Given how vague this instruction is, it makes sense that people have questions regarding where to go and what to look for. To help simplify everything, we’ve put together a quick guide walking you through where to find the Mysterious Pod in Fortnite.

The first challenge in the Jungle Hunter challenge list tasks you with finding a “Mysterious Pod” in Fortnite. Obviously, knowing where to land on the map is key when it comes to actually tracking the Mysterious Pod down and paying it a visit.

In the map image above, we’ve circled where you can find the Mysterious Pod in Fortnite. As you can see, it’s situated in the upper left corner of the Stealthy Stronghold area. Once you land here, start exploring while keeping an eye out for a swampy, jungle area.

In this area, you should stumble across what appears to be a crashed alien-like ship. This ship is actually the “Mysterious Pod” that you need to find and interact with in order to complete the first quest in the Jungle Hunter questline.

In the image above, you’ll see what this Mysterious Pod looks like. It stands out from the landscape, so as long as you’re in the right section of the Stealthy Stronghold area, you should be able to find it relatively easily.

Note that you don’t need to do anything else other than approach the Mysterious Pod in order to complete the challenge. As a reward for completing the challenge, you’ll earn yourself a cool Predator Banner Icon and can move on to other Jungle Hunter challenges available via the Season 5 Battle Pass in Fortnite.

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5 Rarest Mounts in World of Warcraft Classic

So Classic WOW has many rare mounts and some are ridiculously hard to get. In In this article, I will be going over the rarest mounts in Classic WOW as well as some unobtainable mounts that are still hidden in the Classic WOWs game files.

5: Winterspring Warsaber

Winterspring Warsaber

These cats are some of the Coolest looking NPC’s in the game as you can train them as a hunter and make for an even cooler mount. If you guys have not looked into this, this is one of the most painful grinds in Classic WOW.

For grind, to get this mount is absolutely insane. There is an alliance only faction in Winter Springs called The Frostsaber trainers. This faction’s sole purpose is to be a grind to get exalted, and then you can get this mount. There is no other reason for this faction to exist. The grind is terrible! There are a bunch of repeatable quests you can do:

· kill ten Furborgs in the winterfool village, which is quite far away.

· Get five meat from chimeras and five meat from bears.

The worst part about this is that by completing these quests, you will only get fifty reputation with this faction. Killing enemies won’t give you any reputation. These repeatable quests are the only source of reputation. According to some people’s calculations, it takes about 840 trips to complete this grind.

So imagine going up and down the Winter springs map accepting the quest, then going to meet some of the quest objectives, then coming back, and you have to do that 839 times to get this mount. For this reason, it’s very rare.

4: ZG(Zul’Gurub) Mounts

ZG(Zul’Gurub) Mounts

This includes the Swift Razzashi Raptor and the Swift Zulian Tiger.

Now I have to say this, but these are some of the coolest looking mounts you can get in the game, especially the tiger mount. It’s the only way that you can get an actual tiger mount in the game. The Swift Razzashi Raptoris also really cool-looking. It has quite a unique color scheme for this raptor mount. It’s kind of like an olive green with some purple feathers. However, both mounts are almost impossible to get. Now each Boss in Zul Gurub has a 1 in a 100 chance of dropping one of these mounts.

· The tiger mount drops from Thakal.

· The raptor drops from Bloodlord Mandokir.

However, and not to sound pessimistic, there is pretty much no chance of you getting the mount. When you think about the odds. You have a 1 in100 chance of seeing this drop. Now that does not include the 19 other people that are also going to want to get the mount. So if one of these does drop, you have 19 other people to contend with. So cut that 1 in100 chance down to one in 2000, and that’s assuming that your raid leader is going to let you roll. There’s a good chance that he’s just going to reserve it for himself.

3: The Riding Turtle

The Riding Turtle

This is a mount put into the game just for a minimal time before the Burning Crusade came out. Back in the day, Blizzard released a trading card game that later got discontinued. Some of these cards had codes that you could redeem in-game to get some vanity items in World of Warcraft. Things like pets, mounts, tabards, etc. Most people will associate the trading card game with the Burning Crusade; however, the TCG came out in 2006 just late October. In the first card set called The Heroes of Azeroth, you could get a card called a Saltwater Snapjaw. The unique thing with this card is that it had a code to get a turtle riding mount. The interesting thing about this mount is that it’s not useful at all. This is just a pure vanity item. You don’t get any movement speed from this, and in fact, it’s the exact same as your walking speed, but at the same time, it can be used at level 20. Now the chances of these mounts coming back are basically zero.

Blizzard put this back in the day, and there is no way to redeem TCG codes as of today in Classic. This brings up an interesting question: What will happen to these WOW TCG loot cards? Are we going to be able to redeem them in Classic WOW or Classic Burning Crusade?

So, who knows if we’ll ever get to see The Turtle Mount in-game? If you go to eBay, you can buy the cards to get this code for about $300, which you can use to redeem in retail WOW, but you can’t redeem in Classic WOW.

2: Deathcharger’s Reins

Deathcharger’s Reins

This mount you can get from Baron Rivendare, which is the final bossin Stratholme. The cool thing about this mount is that it’s a unique color palette for the skeletal warhorse.

However, that being said, the chances of getting this are slim. Now I’ve seen some sources on the Internet saying that the drop chance is 1%. This was only introduced into Wrath of the Lich King and later got patched in terms of the drop chance. In Classic WOW, I’ve seen people saying that it’s a 0.02 percent drop chance, and that’s from a boss. To put that into perspective, that will take about 5000 kills on average, which is 5,000 full runs of Stratholme, to see this drop. That is not considering the other people that will need, of course, if this drops.

In reality, you’re going to have four other people that you’re trying to compete against to get this. So you can take that one in five thousand chance and take it to one in 25000, and that is not just killing a mob that you can find in the open world. That is the final boss of a five-man dungeon, which takes a full run to complete. There has been one guy that I’ve found on the Internet. I did some research, and I found a guy on Reddit who confirmed that on his server, there is a guy that got this mount. A Reddit user called Everyone Panic posted this picture of a person in Zandalar Tribe EU with this mouth. I put this at number two because, to be honest, there’s a higher likelihood of you getting The Turtle mount and Blizzard reintroduces the TCG loot into Classic WOW than youare to see this drop. In terms of mounts, you can get right now; this has to be the rarest mount.

So you are maybe thinking about what is going to be at number one.

1: Unobtainable mounts

So these mounts are technically in Classic WOW but only in the game files. In other words, there’s no in-game way to get these. If you’re a GM, you can get it, but you can also see it in a WOW model viewer. So let’s go through them:

First of all, there are the OG vanilla WOW mounts. Now there used to be epic mounts you could get way back in the first few Classic WOW or Vanilla WOW patches, and these got taken out of the game. They were replaced by the epic mount models that we know of today. However, some of these OG mounts that you can no longer get, such as the Ivory Raptor.

Another unobtainable mount is Foror’s Fabled Steed. If you guys have the Atlas loot addon, you may have seen this legendary mount and wondered how the hell do you get this? This was before the Burning Crusade. As far as I know, this is just a GM item, and there’ll be no way to get it, even though you can see it in Atlas loot.

Bengal tiger in wow classic

Another unobtainable mount is the Bengal tiger. Now there is no way to get this. This is just something that only GM’s can spawn. Closest you can get is the ZG Tiger mount, which is good enough.

There’s also the fluorescent green Meccano strider, which is an unobtainable mount. Still, there was one person who got this.

A GM accidentally sent this to a player. A Fluorescent green Meccano strider, which is supposed to be shown off near the gnome trainer. A player accidentally got this in the mail by Blizzard, and he was allowed to keep it, making him the only owner of this mount.

Getting your mount in WOW Classic is a joyous occasion considering the gold grind to get to this point. Travel time is cut in half, and you look good while doing it. It can also be a pricey affair considering the training cost and purchasing of a mount. Mounts go for 80 gold for the stock standard and up to 1000 gold for an Epic Mount. That is much grinding, let alone the training cost, which will set you back 20 gold for the riding skill. If you want to boost your gold reserves, why not buy wow classic gold at Here you can use real money to purchase in-game gold safely and securely with many different packages to choose.

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WOW Classic: Naxxramas is officially activated; World of Warcraft classic tank combat guide

As the only designated tank in World of Warcraft in the 1960s, the fighter’s status in the team is unquestionable. Especially after the opening of the sixth stage of Naxxramas, the significance of the tank in the team is even more important, and the team has also improved. The status of the treatment, today I will talk about some of the more difficult bosses in Naxxramas, as Zhantan’s response details.

At present, with the update of tactics, in addition to the widespread use of Berserker Tanks, players have also developed new tricks and flashes equipped with tanks to deal with spiked damage BOSS like Patchwick, and they have achieved good results. , I won’t go into details here, and talk about other BOSS:


This is an entry test of NAXX for MT. It is no exaggeration to say that the speed at which the tank enters the state will directly determine the team’s wasteland reclamation process for this boss.

Anubrekan’s physical attack is not terrible, but the chain of “piercing-landing-crushing” is the main cause of death of MT under normal boss conditions. Therefore, MT must pay close attention to its own blood volume when piercing and landing in the air. If you still do not get the necessary treatment before landing, please help yourself in time. Try to avoid getting close to the melee class to effectively avoid the chance of puncture.


Although it is the most convenient guarding BOSS in each district, due to the existence of the whole group of spider webs and the final RUSH stage raging, this BOSS still has a little survival pressure. It is best to ensure that he is full of BUFF and more than 10,000 blood. Achieving 12,000 HP is already very good.

After the rage, the BOSS will also release a spider web entanglement. It is best to leave the shield wall at this time and open it. Finally, be sure to keep screaming frustrated throughout, which will put your survivability to a higher level.


The more health and armor, the better. The frustration and powerful stone shields are maintained throughout the entire process. Drink natural and dark resistance potions before the battle. Be sure to bring life gems and as many healing stones as possible (different levels). Don’t begrudge the use of the wall, because no one knows when and how many times the treatment gap will occur. Reasonable and timely use of life gems, healing stones, ruined boats, shield walls, and knight’s holy healing are the only and necessary means to make up for the healing gap.


It can be said that it is the most tank-testing BOSS in the entire copy of Naxxramas. In the first stage, the tank only needs to be responsible for pulling the fat man, and try to pull the fat man in the middle of the circle to facilitate DPS movement without affecting the peripheral vision.

In the second stage, the control of the four tanks on the boss is the top priority of the entire battle:

Try to pull the BOSS in the center of the circle. The whole group is obliged to take care of the interruption of Frostbolt, but it should be completed by 4 Ts as much as possible, because the shield strike itself will generate great hatred, thereby increasing the utilization of anger. At present, many teams use the tactics of melee group interruption, which can also increase the probability of fault tolerance.

After the current tank is controlled by the chain of Kel’Thuzad, whether other tanks can successfully take over the hatred is not a big problem. It is still very necessary for all non-current tanks to drink anger potions at the first time, especially after being controlled, and voice communication is required to stop DPS properly. If you have any need in WOW Classic, like: Can I buy WOW Classic Gold? You can find youself an answer in Came and get it.

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Learn Changes & improvements to OSRS Soul Wars on Jan 13th

This week sees some changes and improvements to the rs07 gold Soul Wars OSRS. Read the information below for some details.

Changes to Soul Wars OSRS on Jan. 13th

The following changes have been made with OSRS update this week.
1. The inactivity timer will start to tick down 10s after a game starts instead of immediately.
2. You can now examine items in the ‘Other’ section of the Reward Shop.
3. The chatheads of bearded players can be displayed properly in the tutorial.
4. The duration in which you cannot exit a Graveyard is reduced from 15s to 10s. Moreover, you will receive immunity when exiting, lasting for a few seconds or until another player is attacked.
5. If someone attempts to attack Avatars from outside the boss room, the minigame will pull the player in.
6. Bandage healing can display the name of the player that healed them.
7. Skulled players on Deadman worlds cannot start the tutorial or enter a waiting area anymore.
8. During a game, bones and soul fragments will appear above other dropped items.
9. Gravestones will not appear in waiting areas.
10. You cannot bypass the temporary ban for leaving a game early by hopping to another world.
11. There has been a ‘Check’ option for OSRS spoils of war, which will show how many players have opened so far.
12. You cannot open Spoils of War on Entrana.
13. The quantities of certain items in the Spoils of War has been rebalanced.

Updated information on Soul Wars worlds

After the initial launch of Soul Wars OSRS and the addition of new worlds to handle all the players wanting to try it out, the develop team has decided they will be continuing with the following Soul Wars worlds:
320 US
350 UK
535 AUS

Are you satisfied with these Soul Wars changes?

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Minecraft: How to Get Netherite & How to Find Ancient Debris

Although it’s been around for a little while now it still hasn’t become automatic knowledge for players to be aware of where to find Netherite in Minecraft. It’s worth tracking down this elusive material, however, as it’s stronger than Diamond in Minecraft, which means you can craft some pretty handy supplies from it to protect yourself while heading out on dangerous adventures. If you’re ready to learn more, then we’ve got the lowdown on everything you need to know about Minecraft Netherite, including how to get it, craft it, and use it – so let’s get started.

How to get Netherite in Minecraft

Getting Netherite unfortunately isn’t as simple as finding the ore and mining it. While that’s the case for most other minerals in the game, Netherite requires some extra steps, including mining something completely different, putting that in a furnace, then combining it with a completely different item, which you can then turn into armor and tools. Here’s what you need to do before hunting down Netherite:

  • Acquire a Diamond Pickaxe
  • Mine 12 Obsidian and create a Nether Portal
  • Remember the location of your portal in the Nether so you can get home again!

How to find Ancient Debris in Minecraft

Ancient Debris is the first thing you need to find on the journey to Netherite and as explained above, you need to find it in the Nether. When you go through your Nether portal, you need to dig down in order to find it. This is because the chance of finding more Ancient Debris is higher depending on how many blocks above the bottom of the world you are.

Unfortunately, because your Nether portal can be generated at any random level in the Nether, it’s impossible to say how far you need to dig down. You need to know your starting position and the way you do that is by pressing F3. This will show you a lot of debug information but on the left-hand side of the screen will be three co-ordinates: X, Y, and Z. While all three are crucial to remember for your Nether portal location (I recommend noting them down in a Notepad document!), you need to pay attention to the Y-axis to increase your chance of finding Ancient Debris.

The Y-axis tells you how many blocks you are above the bottom layer of the entire world. Ancient Debris can spawn in veins of 1-3 blocks at Y-axis 8-22, and it can spawn in veins of 1-2 blocks at Y-axis 8-119. This means that the maximum number of Ancient Debris blocks you can find in one chunk (64×64 block section of the world) is five.

Ancient Debris can also only spawn completely covered by other blocks or lava. This means that you’ll need to start a Nether mineshaft – you won’t run into any while sauntering across the Nether surface!

How to get Netherite Ingots in Minecraft

When you’ve got your Ancient Debris, start smelting it in a furnace with any fuel source. One Ancient Debris will produce one Netherite Scrap and unfortunately, you need four Netherite Scrap to create one Netherite Ingot. You also need four Gold Ingots to make a Netherite Ingot, as you combine them with the four Netherite Scrap. So yeah, getting enough Netherite Ingots for a full kit will take a while. The placement of the scrap and ingots in the crafting grid doesn’t matter, as it’s a shapeless recipe.

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WOW Classic – Tips for making Gold by selling in Auction House

The firm is the main thanks to making WOW Classic Gold. No, it doesn’t provide gold quickly but it does provide a gentle stream of gold a day. The firm is extremely helpful if you would like to save lots of up for something, want to hit the gold cap, or just have something incredibly valuable in your bags and need to sell it for the maximum amount possible.

1.Set a buyout price. you’ll usually get a far better price, and sell more often and more quickly. People shopping at the firm are typical during a want-it-now situation and don’t want to attend for 8+ hours to urge it; they have a tendency to shop for out auctions rather than bidding and waiting. So set the buyout price because of the price you’ll expect to urge for your item.

2.That being said, consider setting a starting bid at substantially less than the buyout pride. Not so low that you’re going to be losing money, but low enough to tempt potential buyers who are willing to attend. Remember that when you get a bid on the auction there must be a purchase.

3.Remember that buyers can’t break up stacks, so hack your stacks into convenient sizes. If the item is dear and is merely utilized in a couple of recipes, and only a couple of are needed, selling in small lots may go better. If, for instance, a standard recipe uses four of the item, then sell in stacks of 4 or multiples of 4. A stack size of 1 is often good because it lets the buyers select as many as they have and not buy excess. But if you expect to sell quite a couple of of the item then magnify stacks so buyers do not have to form numerous bids. Consider discounting the unit price on large or odd-sized stacks to urge a faster sale.

4.If you’ve got an item that isn’t selling well then try lowering the worth to extend demand. It’s generally better to sell the item for fewer money, but actually get that cash, than to hold thereon indefinitely hoping for more.

Of course. If you wanna get a bunch of WOW Class Gold as fast as possible,I definitely recommend you to buy it from some online WOW Class Gold trading website,that must be the easiest way to get your stuff which you want on WOW Classic,you probably gonna ask which online trading store you should go to. Right now, I personally think our may be your best choice to Buy WOW Classic Gold.

Being a trustworthy seller with years of experience, we are committed to meeting the stress of all our customers. during a safe and secure setting, you’ll Buy WOW Classic Items from our platform to spice up your adventure and enhance your gameplay. If you’ll order from us or have any questions, please contact online LiveChat 24/7!

In addition to WOW Classic Gold, also provides other kinds of world of warcraft classic gold and WOW Classic Level Boosting. We will glad to have you come here!

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World of Warcraft Castle Nathria Boss Guide 9

Today WOWclassicgp will continue to introduce the raid-Castle Nathria. Now, there are only the last two bosses left in this raid. As a multi-stage dual-boss battle, what skills do the bosses have? Next, let us introduce them one by one.

No.9 boss—Stonge Legion Generals

This is a three-stage boss, composed of two bosses General Kaal and General Grashaal.

In the first stage, we mainly faced General Kaal. Let’s first understand his skills.

Serrated Swipe

Notice: Due to this bleeding effect, it is recommended that the tank be replaced after stacking twice.

Heart Rend

Notice: The healer needs to pay attention to those who have been cast this skill, decide whether to disperse based on the health of the team, and heal them after dispelling.

Wicked blade

Notice: The player marked by the boss needs to run away from the crowd. Due to the permanent bleeding effect, the healer needs to pay attention to their health.

The above is Kaal’s skills.

The pressure at this stage is mainly due to the permanent bleeding effect of the boss, to eliminate these effects, you need General Grashaal.

Notice: When being petrified, the bleeding effect on the body will be eliminated.

When General Kaal’s health drops to 50%, he will use Hardened Stone Form.

At the same time, two mobs will appear.

By killing them, the anima can be transferred to the prince.

When the prince’s anima is full, he will cast Shattering Blast.

This skill will crush Kaal’s Hardened Stone Form,and enter the next stage.

—It should be noted that when the prince casts the skill, don’t get too close to the edge of the platform to prevent being knocked out.

In the second stage, the two bosses will exchange positions.

General Grashaal will cast Stone Fist on the current tank position.

Notice: It is recommended to change the tank after the boss casts this skill.

His most critical skill is Reverberating Eruption.

Notice: If there are no people standing on the unstable ground left before, it will cause high damage to the whole group.

Because of the Reverberating Vulnerability,this requires arrangements for people to take turns to stand on the unstable ground left behind.

Similarly, when his health drops to 50%, he will also cast Hardened Stone Form.The little monsters from before will also reappear, and it is also necessary to give the prince anima.

Finally, is the third stage.

At this stage, both generals will come down to fight us. You need to kill them at the same time, otherwise the surviving one will greatly increase its own damage.

The above is all the guide for this boss.

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Guide: How to Defeat OSRS Culinaromancer for Reward Lamp

The Culinaromancer rs 07 gold is back to his dimension through the portal, and he’ll be causing more trouble. You have to make your way through the portal to put an end to him.


Quest Requirements

· Desert Treasure

· The Dig Site

· Temple of Ikov

· The Tourist Trap

· Troll Stronghold

· Death Plateau

· Priest in Peril

· Waterfall Quest

· Horror from the Deep

· Alfred Grimhand’s Barcrawl mini-quest

· Freeing the Goblin generals

· Freeing the Mountain dwarf

· Freeing Evil Dave

· Freeing the Lumbridge Guide

· Freeing Pirate Pete

· Freeing Skrach Uglogwee

· Freeing Sir Amik Varze

· Freeing King Awowogei


Items Required

· Ice gloves to defeat Flambeed

· Potions to restore your stats (Karamel will lower them)

· Decent armour and weapon depending on the boss you’re up against.

· Food to heal (Recommendation: Sharks)


Good combat stats to defeat the following NPCs

· Agrith-Na-Na (level 146)

· Flambeed (level 149)

· Karamel (level 136)

· Dessourt (level 121)

· Gelatinnoth Mother (level 130)

· Culinaromancer (level 75)


Once the members of the council have been freed, you will get into a cutscene where Aris casts a spell and restarts time. When this happens, the Culinaromancer will come into his dimension through the portal.

When you enter the dimension, you’ll find Culinaromancer, as well as several portals that will either lead back to Lumbridge or one of your previous quest bosses. The dimension cannot be used until and unless the first five bosses have been defeated.

Leaving the fight to re-stock after defeating each boss will not result in your progress being lost.



He is Agrith Naar from the quest ‘Shadow of the Storm’, but in the dimension, he is someone who is made of bananas and has a higher combat level. His fighting style is melee if you’re up close, and fire blast if you’re at a distance. Upon defeating him, you’ll get a banana as a drop.



This NPC is Fareed from the quest ‘Desert Treasure’ and has a combat level of 149 in the dimension. To kill him, you’ll need ice gloves to wield a weapon. If you try to attack him without using the gloves, it will result in your weapon being dropped. The area where the fight occurs is instanced, so if you leave without picking your weapon up, you’ll lose it well. Fareed is quite hard to defeat without any help from prayer, but if you use good healing food, you can kill him eventually. He can also be safe-spotted beside the portal, however, it doesn’t always work but it’s worth a try.  In your using the fighting style of a mage, it is recommended that you use water spells. You can use snare of him, run at a distance, and then made him so that you can kill him with sufficient food in your inventory. If you’re using range, you must use ice arrows or a crystal bow, along with ice gloves. Upon defeating him, he’ll drop cakes.



She is known as Kamil from the quest ‘Desert Treasure’ and can be defeated by fighting up close with the best fire spell that you can cast. As she lowers the player stats, it is recommended that you bring restore potions along with you, as well as a good healing food. Melee doesn’t work on her very well, so a strategy would be to use firebolt spell while wearing chaos gauntlets. It is best to stand next to her so that she can only use melee on you, as her melee attacks are not very strong and do little to no damage. Due to her freezing effects stopping your auto attacks, it is beneficial to manually cast spells. Upon defeating her, she’ll drop choc-ice.

Iban blast can be used very effectively, as Kamil (Desert Treasure) is immune to the spell, whereas Karamel is not.



Also known as Dessous from the quest ‘Desert Treasure’ and can be defeated by effective spells such as Iban Blast that work well on him. Using melee to defeat him won’t work, however, he is resistant to stab weapons. Ranged is also a good option and works well on him, but do be careful and bring lots of food and make sure to defeat him as quick as you can. Upon defeating him, he’ll drop chocolate dust.


Gelatinnoth Mother

The mother of all Dagannoths from the quest ‘Horror from the Deep’ and keep that in mind, you’ll need to bring the four main attributes of runes; Air, Water, Earth and Fire to kill her during her weakness stage. Her attacks are ranged bases that’s hits twice per attack, in which one is magic based and the other is ranged resulting in at least 20-40 damage to your hit points. Players with 80 or fewer hit points level can easily die if luck is not on their side. The fight is very easy, but the duration is long so it is best to only carry three valuable items along with you to avoid losing any important gear. Her colour is changed depending on her weakness, so keep that in mind and attack her accordingly. Because of her high melee defence, it is not recommended that you attack her with melee but instead focus on the style mage or range as her defence is quite low when it comes to these two fighting styles. Her attack can go through magic robes, so it is better to mage her while you’re wearing a rune armour or anything above.



Once you’ve defeated the final boss (Gelatinnoth Mother), the Culinaromancer will himself appear in front of you and start attacking. Even though his combat level is just 75, his hits can rapidly do damage of up to 25 with magic. You can kill him with any attack style as he has no defence, but do remember to bring a good amount of food with you. To avoid his magic hits, you can use magic armour with good defence, such as dragonhide. Upon defeating the Culinaromancer with a full inventory, the reward lamp will be dropped at your feet once you return to the Lumbridge castle.

Quest complete! And thank you for reading this guide.

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Guide: How to Obtain Materia in FFXIV: Shadowbringers

Materia are used for enhancing your gear. You can meld a lot of Materia onto your equipment to push your stats as high as you can. In this article we will introduce efficient ways to farm Materia for the Disciplines of War and Magic in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.

Hunts for Materia VIs

Materia VIs are still holding their value because they provide higher stats than Materia VIIs. With the gear that we have available during Patch 5.0, it’s up to you if you want to invest and maximize your stats to the best of your ability.

Hunts have been around since forever, and Centurio Seals still have some value in the Materia department. You could complete the daily and weekly Hunts in Ishgard, Rhalgr’s Reach, and Kugane to receive Centurio Seals and hand them in to the respected vendor for Materia VIs. This is fast and easy, but it could be tedious.

Poetics for Materia VI

Poetics don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, and if you’re wondering what to spend them on, Hismena in Idyllshire will trade them for 800 Poetics per Materia.

Market Board for Materia VI

Of course, if you have a lot of Final Fantasy XIV gil, there’s always the Market Board. As time goes by, Materia will vary, depending on supply and demand. Certain Materia like Savage Aim VIII will sometimes go for up to 60K, but Savage Aim VI is much cheaper at 6K. The best use for Materia VIs is melding your Goetia gear if you’re gearing up a new job or just hit 80 on your first job.

With Materia VIs out of the way, let’s take a look at the best possible Materia in the game, VIIs and VIIIs. Materia VIIIs are used for the guaranteed melding slots in your gear and can be over melded in Crafter gear once at a 17% success rate. After that, you can no longer overmeld VIIIs, and this is where the VIIs come into the picture.

Roulettes for Clusters

Roulettes have always given great daily rewards besides experience. The Adventure in Need bonus for Leveling and Alliance Raids will display which role is in demand and will reward you if you fulfill that role with one Cracked Stellaclusters and two Cracked Planiclusters.

To receive these bonuses, you must be level 70 or higher. Most of the time, they were requiring a Tank or Healer. If you don’t fill that role, don’t worry. Because there are other ways to farm Cracked Clusters.

Nuts for Materia VII/VIII

Sack of Nuts are the new hunt currency in Shadowbringers, and they provide you with the ability to purchase Materia VIIs for 150 nuts and VIIIs for 400 nuts. To obtain these nuts on your own, visit the Hunt Board in Crystarium and fulfill the daily and weekly Hunts.

Wondrous Tails

The Wondrous Tails book has been updated to reward Shadowbringers currencies such as Tomestones and Clusters. To receive these rewards, you must complete the reward list and select one of the rewards you have completed. For example, if you get one row completed, you’ll receive a stack of Cracked Clusters.

Hunt Trains

Hunt Trains are community-created events that reward a plethora of Nuts, Cracked Clusters, and Poetics. These Hunt Trains are advertised in major cities, in the current zone the train’s passing in, or to be more efficient, you can join the official hunt discord or a data center hunt discord to find out when you could hop on the train. This is by far the best way to obtain Materia VIIs and VIIIs.

The more people participate, the more effective the Hunt Trains are. But there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. First and foremost, join a full party. There are a few advertising to fill their groups in the zone, or you could start your own.

2. Make sure you’re in the correct instance zone. The hunt conductor will display the proper coordinates and display the instanced zone with an i1, i2, or i3. More often than not, the train always start in instance 1 and clear all the Rank A mobs in Shadowbringers. After all the mobs are finished, they will continue to the next instance.

A Hunt Train will consist of 36 Rank A mobs and will reward you with a total of 1,440 Nuts, 1,080 Poetics, 720 Goetias, 36 Cracked Planiclusters, and 36 Cracked Stellaclusters. These clusters are currency to purchase any Materia you want for Disciplines of Magic/War in the Crystarium or Eulmore. If you farm these Hunt Trains often, you’ll be loaded with a bunch of Materia that you could either sell or meld your own gear.

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5 Best MMORPG Games that You Should Play in 2021

What is the best MMO? Which MMO game you should play in the ending 2020 and the upcoming 2021? Broadly speaking, MMOs provide players a feeling of liberty, giving them enormous open worlds to explore, dozens of side activities to participate, and etc. If you are looking for a popular MMO to play. Then you’ve come to the right place. In this MMO guide, we will list you 5 best MMORPG games to make your game life interesting.
Final Fantasy XIV
Release Date: September 30, 2010
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Mac OS, Windows
Monthly fee: $12.99
Game Currency Source: FFXIV Gil

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the best MMORPG games in 2020. It is recommended because of its gorgeous graphics, emotional storytelling, robust features, remarkable dungeons, and consistent high quality updates. Since the launch of Shadowbringers, there have been two significant updates which expanded the story as well as added all new systems such as city restoration projects, fishing raids, and new raids and trials. It may not be one of the most popular MMO, but it is worth playing.

Steam Score: 9/10
Audience Review: One of the Best MMO’s . With a variety of different races and classes, immersive bosses and fights great game, I really recommended FFXIV.

Elder Scrolls Online

Release Date: April 4, 2014
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Mac OS, Windows, with versions for PS 5 and Xbox Series X/S planned
Monthly fee: $14.99, $13.99 and $12.99 for one, three and six-month subscriptions
Game Currency Source: ESO Gold

The Elder Scrolls Online, commonly abbreviated as ESO, is one of the best MMOs in 2020. This game has sold more than 16 million copies by 2020 with 2.5 million monthly active players. Due to the constant stream of massive world, outstanding premium expansions, and comfortable combat, it is still a popular MMO after 6 years since its release.

Steam Score: 9/10
Audience Review: It’s the first MMO in over ten years that I have played consistently for months, and am still enjoying it. As a long-time Elder Scrolls fan, this was the perfect MMORPG game to get into with my wife who is also a fan of this game.

World of Warcraft Classic

Release Date: August 26, 2019
Platforms: Macintosh operating systems, Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS
Monthly fee: $14.99/month subscription
Game Currency Source: wow classic gold cheap

World of Warcraft Classic is an almost exact recreation of the original WoW which was released in 2004. This MMORPG video game is popular because this is a wonderful video game that has actually been meticulously polished and also tuned as a whole-the world is not that tough and it is not as faceroll as the retail, as well as the raids are generally focused on experienced players.

Audience Score: 4.5/5
Audience Review: WoW Classic is the design template for a high quality mmo experience. It’s the blueprint for the future, the crown gem for the genre. To model future mmos like classic is to push gaming forward. Way prior to it’s time, World of Warcraft Classic is an absolute masterpiece.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Release Date: December 20, 2011
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Monthly fee: $14.99/month and $29.99 for 60-day subscription
Game Currency Source: SWTOR Credits

Star Wars: The Old Republic, abbreviated as SWTOR, is an eight-year-old MMORPG game. Whether you are a brand new or general MMO game player, SWTOR is absolutely worth playing in 2020. This MMO game will always be story-focused. SWTOR went to a free to play model in 2012 and provided cost-free players accessibility to even more of the video game with the launch of Assault. You can a lot of things in SWTOR in 2020, so do not waste the chance to have a try.

Steam Score: 9/10
Audience Review:
SWTOR is extremely intriguing. There is never a time for boredom. All the paths you can take are articulated, and your decision will in fact influence the story you play. The only gripe is that it significantly favors subscribers, however, the game can still be finished without a subscribers. After 9 years, the video game still gets content updates.

Guild Wars 2

Release Date: August 28, 2012
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Classic Mac OS
Monthly fee: free
Game Currency Source: GW2 Gold

Guild Wars 2 is absolutely one of the best MMOs to play, even solo. The story is fascinating, the characters are engaging, combat system is amazing and there are different activities to explore! Top-tier stat equipment is relatively easy to obtain, and the high-end gameplay usually revolves around acquiring new as well as different skins to customize your character’s appearance, instead of to offer larger stat benefits.

Audience Score: 4.5/5
Audience Review:
GW2 has whatever an MMO fan looks for. This video game is perfectly made as well as has wonderful equilibrium in all aspects of their video game. Lots of content and also everything is cosmetically pleasing. So I would most definitely suggest this game to any type of MMO game fans but just hope you never need to contact their support team.


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