​RuneScape – I accept some questions about combat

Hello everyone, I’ve been alive on acquirements EoC from all the admonition anybody gave me a few canicule ago but accept some added questions in commendations to added specifics. Feel chargeless to acknowledgment what you can.

1, How can I optimize my action confined to calmly plan with anarchy if I wish to accept a assemblage of 5 confined and anniversary action blazon on their own bars?

2, How do I accept accessory stats better? Specifically the bulk that appearance on the hero panel.

3, Does ATT/STR/DEF plan the aforementioned way as OSRS or did they move it to be a akin claim to the accessory that provides these stats now?

4,If ambience up accomplishment bars, do I allegation to do it like anybody abroad does or can I just chase the accepted aphorism of Basics/Thresholds/Ults?

5, How can I apprentice what weapon types are acceptable for what? Are there allowances of application 2h over bound wield, or a billy vs a sword? This aswell applies to 2h ranged/mage and 1 handed ranged/mage.

6, Common faculty tells me to accouter a abounding set of the aforementioned set of accessory but should I be bond and analogous accessory for best stats?

7, What jewelry/capes should I try to wear? So far ive been application the dagannoth rings for what anytime appearance im playing. And Obsidian cape for the all-embracing stats to anniversary (seems like a accepted account to use)

8, How do I absorb spells into my abracadabra rotations? Or is there even a point to use them?

Sorry for all the questions, I just accept had no luck searching these things up and im still alpha to combat. I anticipate if I absolutely accept the amateur combat/stat mechanics afresh I will adore it a lot added than I already do.

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