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talk about the new update with Diablo 3 2.0.1 Patch

Patch 2.0.1 will bring in new difficulty settings that offers a more streamlined progression path for the hero in training, said Nevalistis, community team member.The patch brings in cursed events where players can inspect the items that are cursed, and … Continue reading

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Popular RS Santa Hat

When something is rare, it becomes precious. Holiday items were only dropped on certain holidays. These became rare and very valuable in RS community. In 2001, the holiday items were a total surprise. Just like the previous year, there was a nice variety of drops in 2002 and many people awaited them with eager anticipation. YEAR 2002 Easter Egg: They are now very rare items that can either be saved or eaten. Eating an Easter egg will help you by healing you 120 life points but we don’t recommend that you do this; Easter eggs are tradeable and are now discontinued, meaning that they are even more valuable than ever! Santa Hat: Dropped on Christmas day in 2002, in batches every six minutes, players could pick up as many of these as they wanted. This was the last tradeable holiday item (as all holiday items from this day on were not, and are not,  tradeable). The Santa hat is a now a great show of wealth; if you are wearing one of them on your head people will know you have big bucks! As Santa hats are now discontinued, they are very rare and valuable. Halloween Mask: These were dropped on Halloween 2002 and came in 3 different colours. You can wear these decorative masks on your head. As they are tradeable and discontinued items, they are rare and reasonably valuable.

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Buy Swtor Credits with Paypal No Confirmation Any More at Swtor2credits

Good news, everybody! From Match lst  on, you will be free to buy swtor credits at swtor2credits with paypal in only 4 steps! Yes! We have simplified the process of Paypal payment on swtor2credits. There will be no more email … Continue reading

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buy diablo 3 items and look forward to upcoming release of Reaper of Souls

Adventure mode can be accessed once players defeat the final boss in Act 5 of the expansion. The mode has all the cutscenes and conversations disabled, and players will be able to bring their existing character or a new character … Continue reading

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Best ways to train Hunting Skills with rs oldschool gold

Hunting is one of the most popular skills. You can really make great runescape gold from it. And also it’s rs oldschool gold not hard to train; You can also get your skill cape with a level 3 account. Level 1-20: … Continue reading

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Getting Cheap Swtor Credits for the Return of Gree swtor Event

Great news for Swtor fans and players! Swtor Gree Event will return next week to Ilum between May 21 and May 28 bring you great rewards, including unique armor, pets, weapons, and more! It’s time for you to join with … Continue reading

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Encounter anything in game or need buy cheap Diablo gold

Well, with the new version: Reaper of Souls will be released on March 25th 2014 and the auction house in d3 gold will be removed on March, 18th 2014, to make sure all the players in Diablo can enjoy more … Continue reading

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Know more about diablo 3 reaper of souls ring of royal grandeur

It seems like no matter in current 1.0.8 version or in the Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls, Witch Doctor is a rather stone class. A lot of interesting builds come out in the best place to buy diablo 3 gold … Continue reading

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RS Firemaking with runescape gp for sale 2007 servers

Yup, we will talk about firemaking skill, which is as easy as woodcutting, but boring. You need to keep clicking your mouse. You must have collected many kinds of logs if you keep training on woodcutting. These logs are used … Continue reading

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Dread Hatchling now appearing in Pet Journal in wow Patch 5.4.7

The pet experts at Warcraft Pets have discovered that the Dread Hatchling, one of the rewards for the Digital Deluxe or Collector’s Edition versions of Warlords of Draenor, is now visible in the Pet Journal for players. Although the pet … Continue reading

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