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New Rare Mount “Kitty” Coming in WOW 6.1 with Chopper Mount Clarified

Several days ago, we introduced that an extremely rare mount may be added in World of Warcraft 6.1, based on WOW official micro-blog. Few hours ago, Blizzard teased an upcoming mount on Twitter. Besides, Chauffered Chopper mount requires 35 heirlooms collected, … Continue reading

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Best ways to Get Savage Blood with WOW 6.1 New NPCs Quickly

For a long time, there is a large demand for Savage Blood in WOW crafting. Although it is quick to buy Savage Blood with wow gold cheap on the Auction House, the price is too high. But don’t forget that it is … Continue reading

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WOW Patch 6.1:The newest on Draenor fishing and Shrink your bodyguard down to size with cheap wow gold

Patch 6.1 is beingshown to people there and when the patch notes are any indication, there are tons of changes coming our way. Fishing, especially, is slotted to acquire a wide range of tweaks — where there have already been … Continue reading

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Pay attention: RSorder free runescape gold 2007 legit at Valentine’s Day

Runelabs now is open in RS3 to gather players’ idea together, and those ideas voted upon by the community are likely to be implemented in the game. You will have a chance to become a founder of rs3 mini-game and … Continue reading

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Uptown Funk Comes To FIFA 15!

In this case the popular FIFA franchise has captured one of the most popular hit tunes in recent years for their FIFA 15 video game. None other than fan favorites Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” has been added to … Continue reading

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WOW Game Mechanics – Lore and Story

I’ve been learning about World of Warcraft and its lore for a very long time now. And one of the discussions that pops up from time to time is the idea that gameplay trumps lore. Why can’t humans talk to … Continue reading

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Useful guide with Quick FUT 15 Trading and safewow 8% off fifa 15 coins sale

Many of you invested in SIF Sanchez, based on recommendations from people here. That’s awesome, and I’m glad that you’re making coin. If you wouldn’t have known to do that without reading it here, this is a way for you … Continue reading

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Rsorder: Rescue Princess for free runescape gold uk During Valentine’s Day

Hati and Sköll are back for a whole wintery month. Hunt them down for rich XP rewards and – if you don’t already have them – some ice-cool cosmetic items.If you’ve hunted the beasts before, it’ll all be quite familiar. … Continue reading

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Flying Is Gone While Extremely Rare Mounts May Come in WOW 6.1

Few days ago, we introduced the top 4 things player should master in Draenor Blackrock Foundary. Except that, mounts in WOW also play an important role in game. With the removal of flying mounts, it is said that an extremely rare … Continue reading

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WOW Patch 6.1 takes Chauffered Chopper Heirloom Mount

Sure, with heirlooms you can deck your alts out in great gear and make the leveling process a lot easier. But what about getting around? Your mounts may be shared across all of your characters, but you still can’t ride … Continue reading

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