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SWTOR – The Biggest Comeback in PC Gaming History?

Some of you who have been around with us since the very beginning (pre-launch even) will know that SWTOR today and SWTOR then are like two different games. Sure, the premise and many of the elements are there, but it’s … Continue reading

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Guides for Hati, Skoll & Fenrir to Get free Runescape Gold from Rsorder facebook Minic show

Hati, Sk?ll & Fenrir?come to Runescape, Hurry up to gather your friends and kill them to get generous loots and rewards. It is not easy to kill them as you image, so it is necessary for you to gather cheap … Continue reading

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The new class Warlock is to be added to Blade & Soul

Here is a guide on the available races and skills available for Warlocks. The class has been already available on Korean, Japanese and Chinese servers and will be available on European and North American servers on March 2. Designed for … Continue reading

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Game Update 4.3 PTS Patch Notes and enjoy 8% discount for swtor credits

As we told you yesterday, SWTOR 4.3 PTS is now online. Below are the patch notes. This patch includes a new warzone, arena, and new instancing within servers. Check it out: Highlights New Warzone: Odessen Proving Ground! Train with other … Continue reading

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The detail of the aboriginal aristocratic accomplishment &join Rsorder 50% off rs3 gold 2.26

Jagex has appear the aboriginal aristocratic achievement for Runescape. The new accomplishment is actually dubbed artlessly “Invention, ” and developer Jagex identifies it as “a accomplishment which unlocks should you buy rs3 gold adeptness levels in included skills. ” To … Continue reading

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Time to buy 10% off neverwinter astral diamonds for The Maze Engine Coming March 15

Neverwinter: The Maze Engine will escape into PC on Tuesday, March 15! The Maze Engine wields a plethora of updates around every corner including new maps and a campaign, stronghold cost reductions, a reworked mount system, the revamped Castle Never … Continue reading

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BioWare Announces Disavowed – Coming March 10, 2016

BioWare™ and Lucasfilm today announced the release date of the next chapter in the episodic expansion story, Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ – Knights of the Fallen Empire. Disavowed follows the Outlander’s story beyond Anarchy in Paradise and re-introduces a … Continue reading

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RSorder Training Tips for Runescape Double XP Weekend on Feb. 26, 2016

Are you engaged in killing the Mimic boss on Runescape? Hurry up buy runescape 2007 gold on RSorder to help you. While deal with the new boss, you should never miss the upcoming double XP weekend on February 26. Now, … Continue reading

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Blade and Soul Warlock Skill tips and Lv45+5 Substained-damage Build for PVE Beginner

New class Warlock will arrive March 2, 2016 on NA and EU Blade & Soul, this is the 8th class in BNS. Introduction on the warlock class and skills in store for best bns gold online. 50% off sale-safewow … Continue reading

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Super Promo: Enjoy 50% Off Sale for 1000M Swtor Credits at Swtor2credits on Feb.26

With the approaching of spring, everything is becoming vivid and colorful. In order to help you show your capabilities in game, swtor2credits will hold 50% off sale for swtor credits eu & swtor credits us on February 26. Please focus … Continue reading

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