3 RS Dino Weapon Packs Comes to Solomons General Store on Jul 15

What fantastic news! From July 15 there will be 3 RuneScape Dino Weapon packs ((Melee, Magic & Ranged) with Land out of Time Themed available in the Solomon’s General Store. That means you will look rs3 gold gorgeous very soon with the overrides.

What new weapon overrides can you purchase in Solomon’s General Store?

To satisfy the needs of those who want to look entirely fabulous, the RS team plans to make 3 Dino Weapon packs accessible in the Solomon’s General Store from Monday, and the weapon overrides will be themed with the Land Out of Time, the lately-updated big expansion in game. The packs spread across
Melee: two handed sword, scimitar, mace, dagger and spear;
Magic: staff, wand, orb and book;
Ranged: shield bow, two handed crossbow, one handed crossbow, throwing axe, short bow and throwing knife.
Can you imagine how good looking you are going to be while training on the new island? Let’s wait for the packs with cheap RS3 gold from us and share your feeling once you equip yourselves with the new weapons.

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