Sad New! Mod Mat K – Senior Product Manager of OSRS Left Jagex

It’s announced that the senior product manager of Old School RuneScape Mod Mat K has left jagex after working nearly 14 years. All game fans are very sad when hearing of this news. But fortunately, he will be at RuneFest. And you may encounter with him sometime later in game. Right?

Mod Mat K details

Since October 2005, Mat K has worked at Jagex for nearly 14 years. And he was a senior product manager before resigning. The game fans have ever seen him a lot, like in data steam, DMM events and so on. During the last years, he has seen a lot of significant changes for RuneScape, for example: the recruitment of thousands of PMods, release of new skills, EOC as well as the release of OSRS. At the same time, he has made many forever friends when working at Jagex – other staff, players and partners.

How do the game fans like for Mat K’s leave?

The game fans says it is absolute day ruiner to hear the news about Mat K’s leave. They really don’t want him to leave, since he is always a pleasure to be around. On the other hand, they really appreciate all his work and dedication to Old School.
When seeing this, Mod K expresses he will still be part of the community. Since before joining Jagex he was a player, then will remain an OSRS player later.

What is more, you will definitely see him at RuneFest. That’s really not bad. All in all, we all wish him good luck on his next adventure. Besides, will always be with you along with safe OSRS gold for sale.

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