Are you waiting for star wars release?

On Friday, the White House had some special visitors and it would appear they had a very grand welcome is the best place to buy swtor credits, offers the safe and fast Swtor service, such as Swtor Credits, Swtor Power Leveling and Swtor guide.

Even the President has Star Wars fever with the release of the hot new film. Dark and Light Sides would come together in peace at a press briefing this past week. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was photographed with Stormtroopers and R2D2. President Obama gave his year-end press conference. Then, everyone went off to watch a very special movie premiere.

The screening on Friday was for members of Gold Star families, an organization of family members who lost relatives in military combat. The family theater doubles as a cloak room when not is use and has showed screenings in the past such as “Lincoln” and “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom”. What a wonderful memory for those families and right during the holidays, which can be especially tough for those who have lost loved ones.

If you missed it, these special visitors were at the White House to celebrate a special viewing of “The Force Awakens” for military families. And the President himself seemed really eager to see it (can you blame him?) as he delivered his press briefing and concluded with: “OK, everybody, I’ve got to get to ‘Star Wars.’ “swtor2credits will providecheap swtor credits for you ,hope you will enjoy it .

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