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In the month and a half since Heavensward launch, players have posted lots of requests and questions for Astrologian’s card, Patch 3.1 release date, and others. The latest interview suggests that a patch 3.1 introduction will be revealed in the second anniversary, along with Astrologian’s card system and sidequests.

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Producer’s biggest focus now in FFXIV is Astrologian

Currently, FFXIV producers pay all their attentions to Astrologian adjustment, which should be the most important thing that players care about. The current problem with Astrologians is the luck based party buffs and lack of healing potency compared to other healers. One step forward may lead to overpowering Astrologians, which is the hardest part to make a decision.

Besides, Astrologians can switch stances before combat so that people may start using two Astrologians in the same stance instead of other healers. So it will take another 1-2 weeks to observe the situation. Though, it is still worth to buy cheap ffxiv gil on Safewow to prepare for the following upcoming updates.

Sidequests will be added to extend game content and experience rewards

Currently the questing system is not all that elaborate, and the tasks are limited to a small number of variations like “kill X of that monster”, or “bring X to a person”. So it is necessary to male players experience the game on their own way, rather than only leveling through group activities like dungeons and hunting open-world mobs. So the side quests will be added as originally planned.

The biggest thing is the level cap increase

The level cap increase makes those who had grown invincible at level 50 suddenly not that strong. Especially after the release of Alexander (savage), the top players have progressed to a point to see the true potential of every job.

The release date of FFXIV patch 3.1

It is planned that the first part of Final Fantasy XIV 3.1 will be announced on Final Fantasy: ARR’s two-year anniversary August 22. After this, Part 2 will be revealed at Tokyo game show 2015 in September.

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