Avoid Scam in OldSchool RuneScape (OSRS)

Scam ways. RuneScape might seem like though place sometimes. Especially considering the trickeries waiting just around the corner. Armour trimming, trust game scams, money doubling – that‘s just the start of methods lists, which players use for scamming other friendly community members. Basically speaking, scamming is when one crappy user steals runescape gold or items from another trustworthy player through deception or drickery. It is totally again all Runescape rules and always leads to ban or mute. We always encourage you to report scammers for attempting or even worse, completing the scam. Here is a bit of insight on how to detect such behaviour on RuneScape.

Doubling money. This scam is one of the most popular scams in RuneScape. Most of these scammers that are promises you to double your money, are often located near the Grand Exchange or it similar places with a big amount of players. Lets imagine a typical situation – „money doubling“ scammer asks you to give him 100k with a promise you pay you back double. Yes, thats 200k. He often shows you the gold, but asks you to trade him your share without a return, so that some kind of his magical scheme could work. When you trust him, and just give you gold, he simply logs out. We strongly advise against trusting those type of pleayers ever, as there is no way get your gold back after you‘ve been scammed this way in-game.

Inventory showing scam. You can see many players walking around the world of Gielinor and typing “giving free sharks/gems or stuff like that, show inventory to know how many spaces you got”. When you show your inventory, he will instantly add sharks or another item and he will hope that you will also accept and you’re thinking that he is giving you free sharks.

Trimming armour scam. This is one of the oldest scams that still exist in RuneScape. You would think that after so much years of experience, Rs players would be immune to those type of scammers, however, reality tells us otherwise. In these situations player offers you to trim your armour for free. Most often this includes rune armours. He says the if you trade your armour to him, he would trade you back your armour already trimmed. Wow, such a magician. Please, remember one simple thing – none of the players can’t trim armour. Anyone offering to trim armour, should be reported for item scamming.

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