Best Rings in Diablo 3 RoS and Where to Farm diablo 3 items

I know I’m going to get a lot of flak from featuring non-class specific rings as suggestions for gear but reaching 300 hours of Diablo 3 has taught me some things. You don’t necessarily have to agree with my builds or tips, but I think that these rings are a great addition to any character’s main gear.So if you’re looking for the best rings in Diablo 3 for any player, here are the items you want and how you can get them:

1. Ring of Royal Grandeur

Why would you want this? Its special ability is that it reduces the required number of set items needed to get a set bonus by one. This means that with just three items from the set, you get the 4-set bonus. If you wear 5 items from the set, you get the 6-item bonus. Conceivably, you can wear 2 to 3 sets of items and all their bonuses at the same time. Yes, I’m looking at you, Asheara, Blackthorne and Danetta.Where do you get this? This can be farmed from Diablo 3 Act 1 bounties. Tyrael gives it to you in the cache. Keep in mind that it drops better on Torment 2 to Torment 6 difficulties.

2. Stone of Jordan

Why would you want this? Well, for starters, you have the main property of this ring that gives you 25%-30% damage against elites. This means that your skills and damage is even stronger against any elite. If you’re lucky enough to get the Diablo 3trifecta of higher DPS and additional elemental damage, you could be looking at insane DPS against elites—a cool 50% if you’ve optimized your build.

Where do you get this? You can’t farm this one since it can drop anywhere. Just make sure you’re on Torment 2 so you have better chances. You can also get this ring from Kadala.

What other rings do you think you can use? Are you having trouble in your Diablo 3 Rifts and Bounties? Check out my Diablo 3 tips and tricks.

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