Best ways to Get Savage Blood with WOW 6.1 New NPCs Quickly

For a long time, there is a large demand for Savage Blood in WOW crafting. Although it is quick to buy Savage Blood with wow gold cheap on the Auction House, the price is too high. But don’t forget that it is purchasable for 50 Primal Spirits. Profession NPC are our focus right now to earn Primal Spirits.

Savage Blood in wow

One principle: Savage Blood drops more frequently


Blizzard has announced in WOW 6.1 PTR that Savage Blood drops more frequently when a follower is assigned to the building. It should be a pleasant note for most wow players. But good news didn’t stop there.


New NPCs make Primal Spirits easy to be obtained.


In wow 6.1 PTR, everyone can find out a new NPC in his Town Hall. A NPC awards players 15 Primal Spirits or 4 professional crafting items as its daily task. Besides, players can exchange herbs, furs or ores for more Primal Spirits, one of which just costs 5 Blackrock Ores or 5 True Iron Ores.

Maybe in the past, it cannot be affordable for 5 ores, but now, ores are so cheap. So it is economic to trade ores for Primal Spirits for crafting powerful wow gear cheap. Thus, Savage Blood seems not too expensive at all.

What’s more, players can buy new Recipes from NPCs and learn them for crafted BOE to claim daily CD materials unlimitedly by trading Primal Spirits and raw materials.


With all these changes, the demand for ore and herbs will go up, and BoE crafted epics will be easier to make and not require days of gathering cooldown BoP materials to make. It is time to stock up crafted materials with cheap wow gold instantly for crafted wow gear.

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