Blizzard Confirmed: WoW Classic Server is Based on Patch 1.12

Since on Blizzcon 2017 Blizzard announced that they will bring back WoW Classic server to players, there has been quite for while. Now finally, WoW Classic news comes out. It is confirmed that WoW Classic server will run on Patch 1.12, known as “ Drums of War” patch. Many of us thought it will be targeting World of Warcraft from 2004.

Goods Newsfor WOW Fans:World of Warcraft Classic Will Lanch on Aug.27.2019.

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However, it seems that the WoW classic server will be from 2006, The Burning Crusade.Yes, the most anticipated is on the way, how exciting? will offer you the latest range of WoW classic items and WoW classic gold at the most reasonable price. Keep close!

Why patch 1.1.2 is the best starting point for WoW Classic? Patch 1.12 was the final major patch in World of Warcraft prior to the release of its expansion, Burning Crusade. Here is what the developer team said on the original forum:

“As many of you have noted, the classic period was two years long and full of changes. Core features like Battlegrounds were introduced in patches after WoW’s original launch, and class design similarly changed over time. After careful consideration, we decided on Patch 1.12: Drums of War as our foundation, because it represents the most complete version of the classic experience.”

Patch 1.12 will retain core gameplay features as well as create foundation from all the important sever added and improved over the past 13 years. That means WoW Classic will work with modern and will have modern security features. , but will otherwise preserve the classic gameplay – no transmogs or achievements needed. We are eagerly to know how the server comes out when it’s ready.

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