Borderlands 3 Hot Karl Guide – Tips for Fighting Him

If you’ve been taking your time to see the sights and to smell the roses (read: corpses) in Borderlands 3, then you’ve likely come across a bunch of Crew Challenges scattered throughout the various maps in the game. These are basically quests issued by NPCs where you can assist them in exchange for whatever you normally get out of doing, well, sidequests. Zer0 for one has a bunch where you take out bounty targets, so here’s our guide to taking down the Borderlands 3 Hot Karl enemy as part of the Target of Opportunity questline.

The Target of Opportunity questline that you pick up from Zer0 is part of a bunch where you take out bounty targets on Atlas’ revolving door list of criminals. For this part of the quest in particular, you’re going to have to kill, you guessed it, a dude called Hot Karl. Hot Karl is kicking around Devil’s Razor on Pandora, and he won’t be too difficult to find. The Children of the Vault will be out in full force here, and you’ll see a whole bunch on the way to finding Hot Karl. You’ll find him on the upper left portion of the location map, not too far from where you enter the next zone.

Follow the trail of angry Children of the Vault and you’ll eventually be led right to Hot Karl, who’s going to come at you with a bunch of mates – we’re talking Bruisers, Fanatics, and Anointed Psychos, though the balance of what spawns might be random. We wouldn’t recommend just brushing off the adds since they can do a fair amount of damage, so please take them out before focusing your efforts entirely on Hot Karl himself.

The Borderlands 3 Hot Karl boss fight can be a bit of a pain, and not just because of his minions. He’s totally immune to incendiary damage, and has a shield that will let him shrug off a lot of attacks. Because of that, you’re basically going to want to aim for, uh, his feet and his legs. We have the following tips for fighting him:

  • Watch for his charge attack – this has a very obvious animation so dodging is easy
  • The shield blocks a lot of his body so aim low for most of the fight
  • When he taunts he exposes his body, so keep an eye on him while you’re strafing around
  • Prioritize the Children of Vault when they spawn so you can control the pace of the fight
  • When he segues into rocket launcher mode, avoid the magma caused by impact

If you follow our advice to a T, you should be able to take down the Borderlands 3 Hot Karl boss in no time at all, allowing you to progress in the Target of Opportunity questline by handing it in to Zer0 after.

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