Destiny 2: Beyond Light Entropic Shard Location Guide

In the Beyond Light campaign the endgame will see you hunting for Destiny 2 Beyond Light Entropic Shards to get Salvation’s Grip, the Exotic Stasis Grenade Launcher. Go to the Annex in the Tower, speak to Drifter and he’ll give you the quest The Stasis Prototype. This grenade launcher is used to destroy five Entropic Shards, to advance the Aspect of Control Quest you get from Elsie Bray aka Exo Stranger. There are nine Entropic Shards in total, and you’ll need them to complete the Studying Darkness triumph. That’s enough backstory, let’s get those shards! Just head to each location and look for the pyramid ships that are as small as your sparrow.

Entropic Shard Location: Asterion Abyss

Start in Charon’s Landing and ride to Aterion Abyss, where a large Vex structure, which leads to Concealed Void Lost Sector, is your target. Drive around the right side of the structure like you’re heading to Eventide Ruins and turn around, then use your jump ability to ascend the structure and look towards the coast. You’ll see the first shard atop clear as day, so shoot it with Salvation’s Grip and shatter it to make sure it’s gone. Please note that you only need to shoot the shards with the Stasis weapon.

Entropic Shard Location: Concealed Void

Drop down from the Vex structure and look for the Lost Sector logo. Go through Concealed Void and either kill the Fallen inside or speed run to the boss room. At first glance, the room looks empty but if you go to the center of the room and look up, you’ll see the second Entropic Shard floating in mid-air above the Vex tech. Killing the boss and additional enemies makes this easier, in case you struggle with finding the right angle.

Entropic Shard Location: Cadmus Ridge

Head back to Charon’s Landing and ride to the left this time. Bank a slight left and face the entrance to Bray Exoscience. If you read our guide on the Europa Armor sets then you’ll remember this path. Look to the right and in a corner where location chests often spawn, you’ll see the third Entropic Shard. Blast it and you’re all set here.

Entropic Shard Location: Riis-Reborn Approach

No fast travel necessary for this location. Go north of Cadmus Ridge to the Eventide Ruins and take your favorite elevator up into Riis-Reborn Approach. Get past the Vex and Fallen in your way until you approach the room where you first fought against Eramis’ Stasis-infused Fallen. Keep going to the right, through the door and take the elevator you see. At the top of the elevator, walk around the left side of the staircase in front of you and the fourth Entropic Shard belongs to you. Just shatter that thing and take the elevator down.

Entropic Shard Location: Tecnocrat’s Iron

Exit the elevator and make a right after walking through the door. You’re entering the Technocrat’s Iron. Follow this entire route until you reach the room where you fought the Factory Brig. Stop dead in your tracks and look up to the right of the pillar shown above. The fifth Entropic Shard will be hovering in that open space. You’ve got one more to go so let’s get to it.

Entropic Shard Location: Kell’s Rising

Go back to Riis-Reborn Approach where you found the fourth shard and keep going through the area until you reach Kell’s Rising. This place has a lot of platforming for you to do but keep going until you reach the boss fight area with the Spider Tank from the end of the Sabotage series of missions. Stand where the tank was and look towards the stairs on the top right. You’re looking in the right place if you’re facing where the tank was when you fought it. Go up to that staircase and look underneath it to find the sixth Entropic Shard.

Entropic Shard Location: Eventide Ruins

Northwest of Asterion Abyss is the Eventide Ruins. Reaching this place is faster from Cadmus Ridge but Asterion Abyss requires less movement once you get there. Ride right from Charon’s Landing and make it to the scavenged factories. The snow bank on your right shows the coastline, riding off of it leads to death, but the massive structure to the left is where you want to go. Look for this broken hunk of metal and underneath you’ll find the seventh Entropic Shard. Any closer of an image would give you no idea where it was just from seeing it.

Entropic Shard Location: Bunker E15

The yellow building in the background of the previous image is your next target. Inside is the Lost Sector, Bunker E15. BrayTech Security Frames are trapped by Vex inside so your job is to fight back the machines and free the frames. In the section before the boss fight, you’ll fight more Minotaurs and free a hoard of frames. When the Cyclops that spawns is dead, turn around and look up to the right. You’ll barely see it, shout outs to Bungie for hiding this, but the eighth Entropic Shard is yours to claim.

Entropic Shard Location: [Redacted]

The ninth and final Entropic Shard is either in the Deep Stone Crypt raid or an area of Bray Exoscience known as Creation. Access to that space hasn’t been granted by Bungie just yet, but the moment the last shard is found this section will be updated with the new information.

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