Details of Changes to OSRS Skull Sceptre in Poll 73 Nov. 18th

This week the game updates have confirmed that some new changes from rs 07 gold Poll 73 are available for OSRS Skull Sceptre. The further detailed changes can be seen here.

OSRS Skull Sceptre available to chip down into fragments

According to the updates on Nov. 18, we know that currently the extra Skull Sceptre pieces can be chipped down into fragments by using a chisel, which is proposed in Poll 73 previously. The left skull half can be broken down into five fragments and the rest of pieces can be broken down into three. And the fragments obtained from any combined pieces will be equal to the sum of their parts. When you complete a tier of the Varrock Achievement Diary, you’ll get one extra fragment for every piece broken down.?
Once the Skull Sceptre pieces become fragments, then you can use them to charge an imbued Sceptre. And each fragment is worth one charge.

More OSRS Skull Sceptre changes on Nov. 18 

What’s more, there are also other Skull Sceptre changes revealed at the same time, such as:
1. Raise the base number of charges you can hold on a completed Sceptre from 5 to 10.
2. Another 4 charges are awarded for each completed tier of the Varrock Achievement Diary, which increases the number of max charges to 14, 18, 22, and 26 respectively.
3. Now Skull Sceptre can’t be destroyed any more while being dropped or killed with an unprotected one in your Inventory. In other words, you can have more than one Skull Sceptre.
4. Unimbued Skull Sceptres now share the same charges. When an unimbued Skull Sceptres is shattered, the next one you use will be magically back at full charge.
5. Multiple imbued Skull Sceptres also share the same charges between each other. However, you can only recharge them using?fragments, Sceptre pieces or whole Skull Sceptres. And they will still not shatter while running out of charges.

Keep your eyes peel at OSRS Skull Sceptre changes.

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