Details of OSRS 3rd Party Client Unacceptable Features

In the latest Old School official blog Jagex outlined details of some OSRS client features that they consider to be unacceptable and osrs gold anticipated. Here you could learn the details of OSRS 3rd party client unacceptable features.

OSRS 3rd party client rules confirmed by Jagex

The detailed OSRS client features considered to be unacceptable and anticipated have been revealed in the latest official blog. The develop team has reiterated that outlining and enforcing these rules is very important to protect the integrity of the game as well as its economy and long-term health.

Details of OSRS client unacceptable features

1. Any features that aid any boss fights by doing any of the following are prohibited, includding all Raids sub-bosses, Slayer bosses, Demi-bosses and wave-based minigames (the Fight Caves and Inferno):
Next attack prediction (timing or attack style)
Projectile targets, or target locations, as well as impact locations
Prayer switching indicators
Attack counters
Anything that indicates where to stand, or not to stand
Removal or swapping of menu entries on any entity
2. The following menu changes are prohibited:
Any menu modifications on worn/equipped items
Any addition of new menu entries which cause actions to be sent to the server
3. The following interface changes are prohibited:
Any unhiding of interface components
Any movement or resizing of click zones for 3d components
Any movement or resizing of click zones for any interface or component under combat options, inventory, worn equipment and prayers or spell book

What do you think about these OSRS 3rd party client unacceptable features?

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