Details of OSRS Bounty Hunter Hotspots: Requirements, Locations & More

OSRS team has revealed that they have added thirteen OSRS Bounty Hunter hotspots to beta. Once you are eligible for these hotspots, you will obtain higher rewards than ever before while killing your targets in the runescape 07 gold hotspot, including bonus points and emblem bonuses. You can now learn the requirements, locations and more from us.

Requirements & Locations of thirteen OSRS Bounty Hunter hotspots

Through the latest OSRS game updates post, we have learned that there are 13 OSRS hotspots added to the Bounty Hunter Beta. If you kill your targets in these hotspots, you will receive higher rewards than usual. But to make these hotspots available for you, you must reach to the combat level 50 at least and carry a Mysterious Emblem of any tier.
These Bounty Hunter hotspots will rotate among the following locations and a map is offered for you:
1. Mage Arena and Pirate’s Hideout
2. Resource Area and Deserted Keep
3. Rogue’s Castle
4. Lava Maze
5. Lava Dragon Isle
6. Annakarl
7. The Forgotten Cemetery
8. Graveyard of Shadows and Ruins
9. Bone Yard
10. Bandit Camp and Ruins
11. Dark Warriors’ Fortress
12. Chaos Temple
13. South-eastern Wasteland

Get higher rewards from OSRS Bounty Hunter hotspots  

If you kill your target in the hotspot, you will be able to get three times as many Bounty Hunter points as you get 3, 4 or 5 BH points before. And compared with the usual 10 points, bounty tasks will give you 30 points while in the hotspot, which is not available for the milestone points.
In addition, the amount of emblem you can get will also be increased in the hotspot. In general, only your emblem can be upgraded and your target’s emblem will be damaged. However, if you have a killstreak of 2 and kill your target in the hotspot, their emblem will be upgraded as well as your own. If you have a killstreak of 3 or more, both of you and your target’s emblems will be upgraded while killing in the hotspot.

Wish you have higher rewards in OSRS Bounty Hunter hotspots.

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