Details of OSRS Theatre of Blood Loot Rates & Points System

OSRS Lead Content Developer Mod Kieren has revealed the Theatre of Blood drop rates and system on Twitter. Read the detailed information below to learn OSRS gold Theatre of Blood points system and the drops rates of special loot.

OSRS Theatre of Blood points system

Recently the details of OSRS Theatre of Blood drop rates and system are revealed by Mod Kieren. According to what he showed on Twitter, there is an invisible points’ system keeping track of players’ performance in the Theatre of Blood behind the scenes. Each player earns points individually for the following activities:

Start with: 8 points (initial deaths should matter)

Death: -4 points

Participating in each encounter: 3 points

Most DMG on Maiden: 2 points

Most DMG on Bloat: 2 points

Most DMG on Nylocas Boss: 1 points

Most DMG on Sotetseg: 1 points

Most DMG on Xarpus: 2 points

Most DMG each phase of Verzik: 2 points (Given per phase)

After Verzik: -8 (This takes away starting pts)

OSRS Theatre of Blood loot rates

The base rate of a unique is 11% (1/9.1). This scales by the team’s total points compared to maximum possible points. For example, the max possible points of a team with 3 players are 68, while the team points are 60 (2 death). Team only got 60/68 points, so chances are reduced by that factor. Here are the drop rates of OSRS Theatre of Blood special loot:

Item                Chance

Scythe of Vitur    1/19

Ghrazi Rapier        2/19

Sanguinesti Staff    2/19

Justiciar Faceguard    2/19

Justiciar Chestguard   2/19

Justiciar Legguards     2/19

Avernic Defender Hilt  8/19

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