Details of RS Mobile Changes & Fixes with Update on January 6

According to RS patch notes, there have been some changes and fixes to RS mobile with the rs gold update this week. Read the information below for details if you have interests.


Adjustments to RS Mobile on January 6th

The following changes have been made to RS Mobile with the update:

1. Fixed an issue that was blocking the “Tap to Skip Cutscene” option on in-game cutscenes on mobile.

2. Made a minor performance improvement, the game world is now not rendered when the full screen main menu is opened on mobile.

3. Fixed an issue with the Dungeoneering spellbook spells Create Gatestone 2 and Gatestone 2 Teleport that was causing the icon to be split in half.

4. Changed the position of the G.E map icon so it’s no longer overlapped by the bank icon and G.E label.

5. Main menu side panel has been made bigger to prevent text clipping when the game is played in French.

6. Fixed an issue with the River of Blood quest in which players’ could get stuck when talking with Vanescula Drakan.


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Are you satisfied with these RS Mobile changes?

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