Diablo 3 RoS: Greater Rift 100 PTR Exploited and paragon level with this Game-breaking Mechanic

In what was a familiar but spectacular uproar in the Diablo 3 RoS fandom, someone other than the Legendary monk INVIS has found a way to rip through Greater Rifts and make it to the 100th level. While the monks’ controversial Exploding Palm skill is currently under fire, Blizzard developers have their work cut out for them as to how they’re going to implement a fix for this:

Behold, a non-Hardcore way to get through Greater Rift Level 100 thanks to player Kpoplopster:

Here’s how to do that:

1. Get a party together with a Witch Doctor or Demon Hunter.

2. At the front door of the Greater Rift, kill the pets again and again as the monsters come.

3. Once you are all dead, one person stays behind to put up a death banner and the others teleport back into it and overwhelm the monsters, using the pets to kill again and again.

4. Once the Rift Guardian comes around, apply the dot with the new Legendary gem for damage multiplied by distance.

5. Teleport to town, the distance killing the Rift guardian instantly.

6. Profit

Essentially, you apply death zerging at the entrance to the Rift. Death zerging is a clever use of game mechanics wherein a player dies at a certain place in the dungeon and stays there instead of teleporting back to town. The rest of his party then goes back to town, recovers, and teleports to his corpse and repeats the process until they all die again.

While this method does not involve the exploitation of a special skill but mostly teamwork, sacrifice and a playtest Legendary gem, you can be sure that Blizzard may nerf or fix this issue. Obviously, you cannot use this method in Hardcore but I find it’s great that some players know how to break the system so the devs are forced to make the mechanics tighter.

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