Diablo 3 RoS: Most Horrifying Bug on the PTR and get cheap items on diablo3star

We’ve all had those moments on Diablo 3 RoS where bugs have killed us or have made some rewards slip from our grasp. Sometimes the damage doesn’t stack when you need it or the monsters aren’t taking any damage. One of the most annoying bugs that ever happened in the game was how your very own treasure goblin was useless or his mechanics reset each time you entered a new location.

But nothing beats what’s happening on the Diablo 3 RoS PTR right now. For some players, they have received the glorious distinction of summoning not one Greater Rift Guardian, but multiple ones!

That’s right; Greater Rifts on the PTR have now been spawning multiple Rift Guardians once you hit the 15 minute mark thanks to their new mechanic. Recently, the Blizzard devs fixed Greater Rifts so that players who fail the Rifts (don’t make the 15 minute limit) immediately have the Guardian spawn. This lets them finish the Rift faster and move back to the first one.

Now, there’s a bug on the Diablo 3 RoS PTR that makes another Rift Guardian spawn if you finish the Rift close to the time limit. For example, if you kill the monster quota a few seconds before or after the 15 minute limit, the game automatically dumps a new Rift Guardian on you even if you’re fighting one already.

Another bug that’s happening is that parties who finish the Greater Rifts in the same way get a Greater Rift Guardian for each of them! Yay! It’s Christmas!

So what do you think of this new bug? Personally, I’d like to try it out and see if our 4-player party can handle 4 Greater Rift Guardians at the highest level we failed!

The Blizzard developers have added it to their list of known issues on the Greater Rift posts and are working on it right now. For the meantime, it might be a bad (or good) idea to jump into a Greater Rift on the Diablo 3 RoS PTR right now and see if you hit the jackpot.
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