Enjoy RS Mobile Early Access & Gain Pack

RS mobile early access is available finally for all RuneScape members on Android devices on 29 October! If you want to play RuneScape game with your smartphone on the subway, it is right time now.

Some details about RS?mobile early access

On 29 October 2019, the Android version of RuneScape Mobile was opened for an early access program for all members. There are some game’s requirements to enjoy RuneScape Mobile Early Access. You should have RuneScape membership and a device running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or higher. For more details about As the user cap is lifted completely, this is the right time for you to play the full RuneScape MMORPG experience on your smartphone. Head over to the Google Play Store now to download RuneScape Mobile Early Access and take your adventures with you everywhere.

What does exclusive Mobile Founder’s pack include?

Once you download the RuneScape Mobile on your Android cell phone, you can log in and receive a Mobile Founder’s Pack. This pack includes Radiant Dawn armour, Immobile Rest animation override, Steel Panther pet, and 15 Treasure Hunter keys.

Changes & improvements to RS mobile early access

Some improvements are added to the experience for players this time. See details of the changes below.
1. There is a brand new user interface designed specifically for mobile players.
2. Lots of under-the-hood improvements are based on all the feedback from players.
3. Significant optimisations have been made for smoothness and usability.
4. There are all the latest gameplay additions such as the recently released Bank Improvements.

Come to download the RS mobile early access to enjoy RS games on your Android device and get a pack! Moreover, you can buy cheap RS gold on RS3gold with fast delivery.

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