FFXIV Heavensward Dungeon Guide:The Fractal Continuum

This is the final level 60 dungeon that launched with the initial 3.0 Heavensward expansion. This dungeon can only be unlocked after completing the 3.0 storyline. Upon completing the quest for Fractal Continuum, you’ll receive a new minion. In this guide I’ll cover everything you need to know for a quick and easy run of the dungeon.
hantom Ray:
This boss hits really hard. Healer needs to be on point with heals, tank with mitigation, and DPS with positioning. Overall the fight itself is easy, if you can handle Phantom Ray’s damage output.

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1.Rapid Sever: A four-hit attack doing quite a bit of damage, especially later in the fight. You should make sure you’re capped to full health or have a strong mitigation skill to deal with this.
2.Atmospheric Displacement: Room wide AoE dealing minor damage.
3.Double Sever: A double Conal AoE that casts twice. The second cast is always perpendicular to the first. Every even-numbered pairing also contains a multi-circle ground AoE Laser attack.
4.Damage Up Buff: Just before every second Double Sever pair (the laser set) Phantom Ray receives a stacking damage up buff. This makes the fight a DPS race, as eventually Rapid Sever becomes too much, especially when he starts double casting it.

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