FFXIV Heavensward Full tips to Coil

We’ve met a few people who’d like to go back and try their hand at the Coils of Bahamut. This is a great idea! That content is definitely worth seeing, and with a full level 60 party it’s easy to breeze through at least the first two thirds.

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Which brings me to the first point: if you’ve never done the Coils and you want to try them, get to 60 first and avoid the Duty Finder. You want to recruit a full party through PF so you can turn off the level sync. Ask for help with an “unsynced discovery party”, mention that you’ve done your homework, and hopefully your PF will eventually fill. I’ll join if I see it. It’s a fun change of pace.

(Clarification: If you want to do it the synced way, that makes me very happy and I hope you have a great time. I’ll help if there’s anything I can do. Unfortunately I can’t really recommend it to people any more because of how unlikely it is that they’d find 7 other players with enough time and interest.)
About that homework though, you don’t want to use old level 50 guides. They are way more complicated than what you’ll actually be doing, and learning them is a bigger investment than we’re aiming for here. This is why I’m writing this post, I figured I’d try to write down the simplest possible spoiler-free strats that can get an okay-ish level 60 group through the Coils.
All turns can be solo-tanked unless noted otherwise.
After Megaflare, go chill out in the Neurolink, shield up, watch the fireworks and prepare for the final phase, which is similar to the first one with two key differences:
1).The boss now uses Akh Morn, the ultimate tank buster. If you have two tanks, they can take it together for manageable damage. If you only have one tank you’ll need to grit your teeth here.
2).Every Megaflare and Earthshaker will come with a pair of tethers. The tethered people will cause a whirlwind, pushing everyone around them straight into the wall. It’s easiest if the tanks can grab the tethers, but if not just deal with them intelligently.

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