FFXIV Starlight Celebration 2015 Comes with Indoor Christmas Trees

As Christmas is approaching to us, the great holiday in Final Fantasy XIV, the Starlight Celebration will hit this Friday on December 18, bringing a set of reindeer rewards to Eorzea. What worth mentioning is that this year you will get an indoor Christmas tree, which not only makes this festival a bit more traditional, but also helps players to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in home!

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The Starlight Celebration 2015 comes Dec 18 to Dec 31

FFXIV players’ favorite holiday is finally coming. During December 18 – 31, 2015, all Eorzea adventures will be able to join in the Starlight Celebration 2015 and gain a set of holiday themed accessories and housing items. To complete the seasonal quest, players need to help the reporter for the Harbor Herald to uncover if there is anything imperfect in the festival preparation and then improve the plans of Starlight merriment. The quest can be only completed during the event period, so just buy cheap ffxiv gil on safewow now and start your quest in Limsa Lominsa at <11,12>!

Indoor Christmas trees make the festival more traditional

Different from the complete costumes in previous years, this year’s rewards are more amazing. Players will be getting a series of holiday themed accessories, including two Santa-themed head gears, and three Reindeer themed pieces (head, gloves, and feet). Besides, there are also some housing items, including a Starlight tree, a starlight ornament, and a twin-star ornament. Though it is a bit regretted that reindeer gears are untradeable, the indoor Christmas trees solely make the festival more cheery and traditional.
In Japan most “Christmas trees” are giant trees set outside courtesy of the city hall, malls, building associations and the like, but this year the trees are inside houses, finally! Someone said that the company may have no idea of what Christmas should be, while others guessed that perhaps the actual event in last year required outdoor trees, and two sets of trees were a bit too many, so they kept indoors for this year. In fact, we can see that many people in majorly Christian countries are not aware of other culture’s celebrations. As far as Safewow is concerned, it is good that FFXIV is a bit of a bridge here, celebrating some things the west might not be aware are a big thing in Japan and it is good that it turns to be a bit more traditional nowadays.

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