Flying Is Gone While Extremely Rare Mounts May Come in WOW 6.1

Few days ago, we introduced the top 4 things player should master in Draenor Blackrock Foundary. Except that, mounts in WOW also play an important role in game. With the removal of flying mounts, it is said that an extremely rare mount will be added in WOW 6.1. What is its feature on hell?

Flight mechanics are gone forever

The removal of flying mounts in Warlords of Draenor has made most people frustrated, and even some dream to redesign flight mechanics and alternate uses for flying mounts. However, Community Manager Bashiok has replied that flight mechanics don’t match WOW’s game play and have to be abandoned.

Actually, in BC and Wrath, Blizzard made lots of efforts to create new flight mechanics, but it finally failed for what this game is and how the engine and content are created. Besides, WOW is not a flight sim, and creating these mechanics is “potentially radically different than the core gameplay that defines it.”

An extremely rare mount in wow 6.1

Although a number of flight-specific toys and wow items can be used to glide around the game world, it cannot obviously meet the demand. But WOW official micro-blog revealed that an extremely rare mounts will be added in 6.1.

It is like a lottery to get that mount. In Draenor 6.1, a random portal will be open, and only one player can enter to claim it. Once he succeeds, the portal will never open in the next few days. It is really rare, right? But it is pity that there is nothing more about the abilities of this mount.

Every player needs mounts in wow, especially flying mounts and such extremely rare and unique one. But no one makes sure whether and when the extremely rare mount will come. So buy wow mounts cheap at wowtoes to accelerate in World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor.


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