For Just Being Bad Or Just Using These To Play ‘The Elder Scrolls: Legends’

Although most Fallout 76 adventurers try to make a pretty honest living by helping those in need and killing dangerous beasts for valuable treasures, there is a conniving underbelly in Tamriel that is overflowing with sinister, sneaky, and stealthy individuals. It’s obvious that I am talking about the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood in the game of Elder Scrolls Online, they are two of the most iconic and beloved factions in all of The Elder Scrolls.
Last week, ZeniMax just made an announcement about the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood Celebration Event is returning to Elder Scrolls Online, which will start next week on July 2, 2019, at 10:00 AM EDT and lasts until July 15, at 10:00 AM EDT. During the event, here are the rewards you can earn:

1. For defeating World Bosses, you can get double reward drops,
2. For defeating Delves Bosses, you can get Double reward drops,
3. For Gold Coast Delve and World Boss dailies, you also can get Double reward,
4. From Maw of Lorkhaj Bosses, you also can get Double Defiled Whiskers drops,
5. For completing Heists, you can get increased rewards,
6. For completing Sacraments, you can get increased rewards,
7. From regular crafting nodes (not nodes from Survey Reports.), you can get double harvesting resources.

In the event period, repeatable quests from the Tip Board or Marked for Death ledger are not included. And about the Elder Scrolls Online Gold, Both DLC (Downloadable Content) packs are discounted to just 800 crowns during the event time, as are the Collector’s Bundles for each to all ESO Plus members for just 1,600 crowns each.

During this celebration, you will also be able to earn Event Tickets, which can be redeemed as part of the complicated process to earn the unique Indrik mounts. You can earn Event Tickets in two different methods during this event time, you only can earn a maximum of two tickets per day, per account:

One Event Ticket for the first Sacrament completed each day, which can be unlocked by reaching Dark Brotherhood Rank 2 and then completing the quest named “A Lesson in Silence,”

One Event Ticket for the first Heist completed each day which is unlocked by reaching Thieves Guild Rank 3 and completing the quest named “The Long Game.”

As long as you get 10 Event Tickets in total, then you can exchange them with the Impresario NPC (Non-Player Character) for either an Indrik Feather or the new Onyx Berries of Bloom. Here you can read more details about the Indrik mount system.

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