Get Christmas jumper & more from Advent Calendar

During RS Christmas Advent Calendar 2019, you can enjoy different Treasure Hunter promotions every day. On December 12th, there is a chance of rs3 gold obtaining the following new Christmas cosmetics from Treasure Hunter:

Christmas jumper token (Christmas tree): can be used to unlock RS3 Christmas jumper (Christmas tree) override.
runescape Christmas jumper
Christmas jumper token (Party hat): can be used to unlock the Christmas jumper (Party hat) override.
Glacial shieldbow token: can be used to unlock the glacial shieldbow override.
Santa claws token: can be used to unlock the santa claws and santa claws (off-hand) overrides.
Santa paws token: can be used to unlock the santa paws.
Enjoy daily free items in Christmas Advent Calendar

Until December 25th, you can claim free gift each day from RS Christmas Advent Calendar. These free gifts include Treasure Hunter keys, Hearts of Ice, lamps, stars, oddments and more. Navigating left from the window for 1 December will make the “0th December” shown, which gives one Treasure Hunter key.

Merry the Christmas Yeti will be available after opening the Christmas Advent Calendar for 15 days.

Don’t forget to claim the rewards every day during RS3 Christmas Event 2019, and come to buy RS gold with high security & fast delivery from our site.

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