Get Details of RuneFest 2019 Contents & RS3 Golden Gnome Awards

Recently, the team has released a series of information about RS RuneFest 2019 and RS3 Golden Gnome Awards, in which you can see the contents of the best-ever RuneFest, and the details of the Golden Gnome Awards set on on Oct. 4.

Contents of RuneFest 2019

The RuneFest 2019 will be, as the team has been promised, definitely shaping up to be totally epic. In this year’s RuneFest, you are gonna see the return of skill chips, and the addition of new activities, new entertainment, and all the biggest ever announcements from both the RuneScape and Old School teams. During the event, you will be able to join in panel sessions with your favourite J-Mods and content creators, a huge PC LAN party, enjoy food on site, and even get goodie bags filled with RuneFest Loot. At a close day, there will also be a afterparty for all that attend.
If you feel itchy and can’t wait to enjoy the colorful activities, you can now buy the tickets to the RuneFest 2019 with £150 (the Earlybird priced tickets has been sold out).

Details on Golden Gnome Awards 2019 on Oct. 4

One ticket for RuneFest this year can also take you into the Golden Gnome Awards 2019 on Oct. 4,  18:00 to 23:30. The event is held to award the voted talent and enthusiasm of RS community members, content creators, and streamers with rewards like real-life gnome, in-game Golden gnome and a Golden gnome hat. It has multiple categories, including videos, livestreaming, art, and cosplay. There are also to be a plenty of entertainment, as well as surprised throughout the activity.

Do you want to join in the various activities in rs FuneFest 2019 and interact with your favorite J-Mods? Seize you time to get yourself a ticket. After all the ticket now can grant you a chance to see your favorite figure being rewarded with Golden gnome and a Golden gnome hat.

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