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The Coins of Waukeen is one of the minor events neverwinter astral diamonds in Neverwinter that run as side gig over some weekends. Likewise its rewards are neither spectacular nor particularly hard to get. Let’s nonetheless go over the most important things and discuss how to get the stuff you want!please dont forget to buy cheap neverwinter astral diamonds on Safewow.


Waukeen, the goddess of coins and wealth and also called the “Golden Lady”, doesn’t mess around and spreads her favorite color everywhere. Everything starts with?Waukeen’s Coin Purses that drop by defeating foes?that are within seven levels of you. Those purses can then be either opened for rewards or exchanged for a?Waukeen’s Strongbox (8:1) or?Waukeen’s Treasure Chest(32:1) at the Waukeen Merchant in the?Moonstone Mask. It’s by the way the only event vendor that stays permanently.


Farming the purses is fairly easy. The more mobs you slay, the more purses are going to drop. They are uncapped, but might be subject to a minor internal cooldown. Other event drops in example can only appear once every 30 seconds. Generally areas with a lot of mobs in which you can farm relatively undisturbed are best. Some players prefer the Strongholds for that, but Elemental Evil adventure zones are decent as well. In scaled content the difference in level between the mobs and toons is calculated using the scaled level. That’s why 70s will also see drops in the Drowned Shore or Call to Arms events.

Limited to only PC is farming through the Foundry. You could probably even directly search for Waukeen in the directory, but any farm quests with lots of mobs on a generic map will do. I’m not too sure it’s actually still possible today. Some stuff might not drop in the Foundry to prevent these farming techniques.

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