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Finally we have the further information about OSRS Mobile since the announcement a month ago. And it’s officially announced that the beta test for it will begin sometime after RuneFest 2017 if all goes to plan. Feast your eyes on the latest news and buy RuneScape 07 gold.

The design for game controls
In order to make OSRS Mobile feel as much like you’d expect from a mobile app as possible, Jagex will offer the players several options to allow for customization based on the ways you play the game.

Keyboard operates – intuitive and available on demand for you?
Jagex designs keyboard to appear automatically when you select a text entry field and access it quickly via a simple gesture. At the same time, they will adjust various interfaces and HUDs in order not to be covered up by the on-screen keyboard. Above all, they want to make sure the keyboard is intuitive and available on demand for you.

Change the main game screen interface to adapt mobile version
In the beta test, you may see the chat window on the top and the side panel is split into two. And the buttons have been paced on either side of the game frame.

Other designs for mobile version
The Interface Scaling will be brought to mobile and desktop, which allows you to choose the size you like. And Jagex will try their best to ensure as much compatibility as possible. At the same time, they will not change the weekly game updates with Mobile.

OSRS Mobile beta test after RuneFest this year
We can expect the Mobile Beta begins sometime after RuneFest this year, if there is nothing wrong. What’s more, all the above designs will be tested and improved depending on the players’ feedback.

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