Guide for RS3 Desperate Times Quest with Tips & Rewards

RS3 Desperate Times is a new quest for Intermediate, requiring level 50 in Mining, Smithing and Divination. You will gain Charos’ clue carrier, the master clue scroll & rs gold and more after completing the Desperate Times quest.

Tips for completing Desperate Times RS3 quest

1. When negotiating a location, task force and seed collection, only do one of the following for each:
Talk to Osman, Vanescula Drakan or Zarador for a location.
Talk to Sir Amik Varze, Brundt the Chieftain or Moia for a workforce.
Seed collection: Talk to Azzanadra/Garlandia/King Roald.
2. To obtain keys, solve some puzzles with the solutions below:
(1) If the room has a note on a recipe: If the amount of each ingredient can be represented with a single Roman numeral, those are the code. If not, the code is the first letter of each ingredient.
(2) If the room has items on the ground that can’t be picked up, the code is the first letter of each item. Start from the most North-Eastern item and go clockwise unless the items are in the northern room.
(3) If room has coins on the ground, the code is the number of coins in each pile, clockwise starting from north, represented in Roman numerals.
(4) If there is a plaque next to the room’s door, the code is the first letter of each lodestone name depicted.
(5) If room has only one item on the ground with a four-letter word in its name, the combination is those four letters.
3. When redirecting anima transfer away from Gail and onto Kerapac, the first room has 4 nodes players can change directions on. Changing all 4 will redirect all energy to Kerapac. The second room will be the upper platforms of Sliske’s Labyrinth, and the final room appears as the end area of the Dragonkin Laboratory.

Rewards gained from RS3 Desperate Times

3 quest points
Charos’ clue carrier
1 master clue scroll
1 huge XP lamp
2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice

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