Guide to Create RS Dinosaurhide Armour and Obtain Dinosaur Scale & Leather

Along with the update Land Out of Time, a new set of Ranged Dinosaurhide armour has been added to game, including runescape gold dinosaurhide cowl, body, and chaps, boots and gloves. They are all made by sewing dinosaur scales to dinosaur leather.

Create Dinosaurhide armour with dinosaur leather & scales

The lately-added Dinosaurhide armour is a set of level 75 Ranged armour, consisting of 5 pieces. And they all require 75 Defence to wear and 93 Crafting to make.
You need sew a number of dinosaur scales to pieces of dinosaur leather when creating each piece of Dinosaurhide armour with a needle and thread. Here list the specific numbers of scales & leather to make each piece.
Piece                        Required Dinosaur scales     Required Dinosaur leather
Dinosaurhide cowl                1000                                             2
Dinosaurhide body                5000                                            5
Dinosaurhide chaps              1500                                             3
Dinosaurhide gloves              500                                              2
Dinosaurhide boots               500                                              2
When first used in combat, the armour will start to degrade until broken after 60000 charges of combat (10 hours at least). if you want to check the status of armour pieces, you can right-click Check option.

Ways to obtain dinosaur leather & scales

You can obtain dinosaur scales from Big Game Hunter on Anachronia, while the  dinosaur leather is tanned dinosaur hide, which can be tanned with 250 coins at any tanner. The dinosaur scales & dinosaur hide can be dropped by the creatures Arcane apoterrasaur, Asciatops, Bagrada rex, Corbicula rex, Malletops, Oculi apoterrasaur,Pavosaurus rex, Scimitops & Spicati apoterrasaur.

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