How to Complete OSRS Fremennik Exiles Quest

The new Master Old School quest The Fremennik Exiles has been released in game as the latest instalment in the Fremennik series. Here is a guide for rs 07 gold The Fremennik Exiles quest to help you complete it easily and fast.

Requirements of OSRS Fremennik Exiles

OSRS Fremennik Exiles is a Master quest with the following requirements:
1. Completion of the quests:
The Fremennik Isles, Lunar Diplomacy, Mountain Daughter, Heroes’ Quest
2. 65 Crafting, 60 Slayer, 60 Smithing, 60 Fishing, 55 Runecraft

OSRS The Fremennik Exiles fast walkthrough

1. To start The Fremennik Exiles quest, talk to Brundt the Chieftain in Rellekka.
2. Go north of the Longhall and speak to Freygerd in the house next to the sandpit. Search the sandpit and kill the Basilisk Youngling with the mirror shield equipped. After killing the Basilisk Youngling, pick up the unsealed letter and read it.
3. Search the rockslide west of the house and get a fang. Then search the boxes south of the house and get the venom gland.
4. Return to Freygerd to give her the items. Then go back to Brundt.
5. Go southeast of Rellekka outside the city and find Brundt. Learn how to restore V’s shield after going through all chat options.
6. Head to Waterbirth dungeon to obtain the Fremennik shield. Find Bardur OSRS deep in the dungeon and to get the shield for free when wearing a Ring of charos (a). Alternatively, you can choose to kill dagannoth for the drop of the Fremennik shield.
7. Speak to Baba Yaga on Lunar Isle, and turn your molten glass into molten glass (i). Use the molten glass (i) on the Astral altar and get lunar glass with 100 astral runes.
8. Go to the Mountain Camp with your pet rock obtained from Askeladden, and inspect the Large Geyser. Go back to Rellekka and talk to Peer the Seer. Then return to the geyser, inspect it and get the polishing rock with your ice gloves equipped.
9. Travel to Lunar Isle mine and mine stalagmites for 3 lunar ore. Smelt then into bars, and use them on an anvil to smith the V sigil. Speak to the Fossegrimen OSRS to enchant the sigil.
10. Use all components to create V’s shield.
11. Go to Rellekka and talk to Brundt. Give him 2 kegs of beer. Then go back to the Longhall and speak to Brundt again.
12. Wield V’s shield, and fight the basilisks until you reach 100%. You need to hit a basilisk at least once. Then travel on the Fremennik Boat to the Island of Stone.
13. Talk to Brundt. Solve the cave door puzzle.
Notice: the green check means one of the runes is perfect, and the red check means a rune is correct but it is in the wrong position.
14. Equip V’s shield and enter the cave. Fight against Typhor (level 194) and The Jormungand (level 363).

Hope our guide can help you complete OSRS Fremennik Exiles quest fast.

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