How To Decorate Home With Housing Editor In ESO Homestead

Have you owned a home in The Elder Scrolls Online? We all know that the Homestead in ESO allows players to decorate their own home with various of items. Using the Housing Editor to furnish your home is a great idea for our creative players to build a home tailored to your character’s personality. In this article, we’ll tell you some basic informations about how to use the Housing Editor
Access the Housing Editor

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The first one thing you need to know is that how to access the Housing Editor in a home. There are three ways that classified by controllers:

? Keyboard & Mouse: “F5″ key

? Xbox One Controller: “D-Pad Right” & “B”

? PlayStation 4 Controller: “D-Pad Right” & “Circle”

While you are in the Housing Editor’s Place, Purchase, Retrieve, or Settings tabs, you can view the House Information. This shows you how many Furnishings you have placed in your home and how many you can place total. Each tier of home can hold a certain amount of items. The item limit is doubled if you have ESO Plus membership. If you lose ESO Plus membership while having more items place than the standard capacity of your home, you can still move items around as long as you don’t remove them.
Things You Can Do With The Housing Editor

Firstly, the homeowner can use the Housing Editor and any visitors who have Decorator permissions have the access to move items in your home. It’s no doubt that players are wondering what the Housing Editor allows you to do. Use the Place tab to select move, store, and place home furnishings features. Eligible items will show a highlight when targeted. Note that if you try to place an item in the safe spot by your front door, it will highlight red and cannot be placed. This is because the entrance to a house is a safe location for visitors who have gotten stuck or lost and need to leave. The furnishings displayed in the Place tab will be pulled from your personal inventory and bank. If you want to remove an item from your home, you can select it and hit Put Away. Nobody other than you as the Homeowner may remove items from your home.

Once you want to know more about all of the currently placed items in the home and their position, come to the Browse menu and visit the Retrieve tab list. Plus, you can buy new furnishings directly from the Crown Store in the Purchase tab with the Housing Editor.

Variety Of Ways To Acquire Items

There are many ways to get furnishings like crafting, purchasing directly from merchants, achievement furnishers, trading with other players, justice gameplay, treasure chests, fishing, trophies from Dungeons, Arenas, and Trials, purchasing a home, and also from the Crown Store.

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