Improvements&Fixes to Runescape Mobile on June 15th

This week the Runescape develop team focusing on RuneScape Mobile. According to the lastest official news post,RS Mobile will have better indicators to text and interface fixes, the portable client.Here you could learn these changes.

Improvements to RuneScape Mobile this week

The following changes and improvements have been made to RS mobile this week:
1.Added a UI indicator if the Action Bar is locked on the Action Bar Settings cog.
2.Added location information when long-pressing a lodestone in the Home Teleport UI.
3.A Device Status panel has been added to the UI near the Compass and Minimap. This panel displays device status information to the user, including battery charge levels and connection status.
4.Added an additional setting in the Audio section on mobile that provides an independent toggle for audio streaming when using mobile data.
5.Further improvements have been made to improve the display of the Bank on mobile devices.

Some Fixes made to RuneScape Mobile

Here are some fixes made to mobile in RS patch notes on June 15th:
1.Fixed an issue with text being cut off in the Music Player.
2.Fixed an issue with the UI overlays during the ‘Song from the Depths’ quest that caused them to overlap permanent parts of the top-level UI.
3.Fixed some issues with the Dungeoneering UI Party Member Inspect feature on the mobile client.
4.Fixed some issues on the Summoning Trade-in UI where large numbers of sprites would appear at once, causing FPS drops.
5.Fixed a small visual issue with the Notes interface when re-arranging notes on mobile.

What do you think of these changes and fixes to Runescape Mobile?

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