Learn Changes & improvements to OSRS Soul Wars on Jan 13th

This week sees some changes and improvements to the rs07 gold Soul Wars OSRS. Read the information below for some details.

Changes to Soul Wars OSRS on Jan. 13th

The following changes have been made with OSRS update this week.
1. The inactivity timer will start to tick down 10s after a game starts instead of immediately.
2. You can now examine items in the ‘Other’ section of the Reward Shop.
3. The chatheads of bearded players can be displayed properly in the tutorial.
4. The duration in which you cannot exit a Graveyard is reduced from 15s to 10s. Moreover, you will receive immunity when exiting, lasting for a few seconds or until another player is attacked.
5. If someone attempts to attack Avatars from outside the boss room, the minigame will pull the player in.
6. Bandage healing can display the name of the player that healed them.
7. Skulled players on Deadman worlds cannot start the tutorial or enter a waiting area anymore.
8. During a game, bones and soul fragments will appear above other dropped items.
9. Gravestones will not appear in waiting areas.
10. You cannot bypass the temporary ban for leaving a game early by hopping to another world.
11. There has been a ‘Check’ option for OSRS spoils of war, which will show how many players have opened so far.
12. You cannot open Spoils of War on Entrana.
13. The quantities of certain items in the Spoils of War has been rebalanced.

Updated information on Soul Wars worlds

After the initial launch of Soul Wars OSRS and the addition of new worlds to handle all the players wanting to try it out, the develop team has decided they will be continuing with the following Soul Wars worlds:
320 US
350 UK
535 AUS

Are you satisfied with these Soul Wars changes?

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