Learn Details of New RS Hunter Method with Hunter Changes

It is exciting that a brand-new Hunter method will be introduced to RS in July. This new Hunter method will change the way players hunt, and there will be other changes and improvements with rs3 gold Cheap& the Hunter update.

New RuneScape Hunter method introduced soon

It has been confirmed there will be a new RuneScape Hunter method introduce to the game this July, which will completely change the way you hunt. The new Hunter method adds brand new and exciting mechanics and PvM style drops, which have a chance of including unique items. Although the develop team has not revealed more details, we could look forward to the different game experience with this new method.

Changes to tick manipulation & Elite Trapper

RuneScape tick manipulation is a method which can be used to speed up the trap laying process through potion drinking. In fact, this is a gameplay bug like the Continuous Four Tick Auto Attack. Therefore, the develop team is removing this functionality entirely to bring these inflated XP rates down.

To compensate for the change, RuneScape Elite Trapper outfit will have an increased chance of instantly deploying or picking up traps. In addition, the team will unlock the ability to purchase the outfit’s blueprint in-game with a new Hunter currency, which will arrive alongside the aforementioned Hunter update this July. Players can gather Hunter fragments from training hunter once they hit level 70, much like other outfits.

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