Learn How to Use RS Double XP Live Timer Pause & How to Get New Daily Rewards

There is a new timer pause feature in the current RS Double XP Live event, which allows you to pause and restart the rsgold Double XP timer whenever you wish. But you need to plan ahead due to its one-hour cooldown. Besides, you can also obtain new daily rewards in this event until Aug. 17.

How to use timer pause during RS Double XP Live? 

Double XP Live event has returned in August 2020. As before, you can be able to enjoy 48 hours of double XP gains during the 10 days until Aug. 17. But the difference from the previous events is that there is a new timer pause feature with one hour cooldown you can enjoy this time around. This means that you can pause and restart the Double XP timer whenever you want. However, if you use the timer pause, you will not be able to change it again for another hour. One more thing, the pause will be deactivated if your Double XP time remaining is equal or greater than the amount of time left in the event.

Daily rewards during RS Double XP Live 2020

What daily rewards have you obtained from RS Double XP Live event so far? With this event coming back in August, the daily rewards have been changed to following:
Medium protean pack
2 advanced pulse cores
150 oddments
2 cinder cores
Medium skill training dummy crate
2 variety packs
400 oddments
10 combat training dummies
4 cinder cores
2 medium protean packs
4 advanced pulse cores

Seize the time to get double XP during the current RS Double XP Live.

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