Learn Information of OSRS Slayer Masters for Efficient Levelling

The Slayer skill consists of getting tasks from a Slayer master and fulfilling these tasks. These OSRS gold tasks that you get from the Slayer Master consists of killing monsters. In this guide we’ll be teaching you how to efficiently train Slayer all the way to level 99. We’ll go over the Slayer masters, gear required for fast XP, useful quests, killing perks, task extensions, locations, and much more. Let’s get started!

Slayer Masters

Slayer masters are NPCs that give you tasks, throughout your journey to level 99 Slayer you’ll be constantly getting new tasks from Slayer masters. In general, you want to get your tasks from the highest level Slayer master possible because they give you more experience in comparison with lower level Slayer masters. Although it’s possible Nieve can give better Slayer tasks when you look at experience and more frequently, but sometimes Duradel is better. Let’s go through the Slayer masters one by one and the requirements.

You want to choose generally for the highest level Slayer master you can receive tasks from to get the most experience.

It’s recommended to train Slayer while training your combat skills, this way you can efficiently train Slayer while you also gain experience for other stats.


Tuarel is the first Slayer master you’ll go to and is therefore also the lowest level Slayer master. Unlike other Slayer masters, Tuarel doesn’t give you any requirements in order to get a task from him. When you receive a Slayer task from another Slayer master, you can go to Tuarel to get a less difficult task, you can only do this once per assignment.

How to get to Slayer master Tuarel?

You can find Slayer master Tuarel in Burthorpe. The easiest and fastest way to reach Tuarel is by using a games necklace to teleport to Burthorpe Games Room. Walk out of the games room and head east to Tuarel’s house, which you can find just south of the general store.


Tuarel is the only Slayer master with zero requirements.


Mazchana is the second Slayer master that you’ll go to. Slayer master Mazchana is known for giving tasks close to his area, and his tasks are pretty easy so very good for players with a low combat level.

How to get to Slayer master Mazchana?

Slayer master Mazchana is located in Canifis, which is a quest restricted zone (jump to requirements for more information).


Completion of Priest in Peril quest in order to be able to get to Canifis. You also need a minimum combat of level 20.


Vannaka is a mid-level Slayer master and the third Slayer master that you’ll go to. Fun fact: in the game Vanakka claims he is the greatest swordman alive as he wears a 2 hand sword in one hand and shield and his Strength level seems to be 128.

How to get to Slayer master Vannaka?

Slayer master Vannaka can be found in the Edgeville dungeon, the fastest way to get to Vannaka is by entering the Edgeville dungeon from the eastern entrance.


You need a minimum combat level of 40.


Chaelder is the third most advanced Slayer master and the fourth Slayer master that you’ll go to. Chaelder gives out mid to high level Slayer tasks.

How to get to Slayer master Chaeldar?

Slayer master Chaeldar can be found in the throne room of Zanaris, just south from the Lumbridge swamp.


You need to complete the Lost City quest in order to get to Slayer master Chaeldar.


Nieve is the second most advanced Slayer master (behind Duradel)  and the fifth Slayer master that you’ll go to.

How to get to Slayer master Nieve?

Slayer master Nieve can be found in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, just next to the Stronghold Slayer Cave close to the magic trees and the southern bank.


You need a minimum combat level of 85 in order to receive Slayer tasks from Nieve.


Duradel is the highest level Slayer master in Runescape. When you achieve level 99 Slayer, you can buy the Slayer cape from Duradel. Duradel is the sixth Slayer master you’ll go to.

How to get to Slayer master Duradel?

Slayer master Duradel can be found in Shilo Village.


You need a minimum combat level of 100, level 50 Slayer, and completion of the Shilo Village quest in order to get to Duradel in Shilo Village.


Krystillia is the only Slayer master that assigns you monsters found in the wilderness. Only kills in the wilderness will count for a task from Krystillia. She can assign you any monster of any combat level, no matter what your combat level is. When you get an assignment from Krystillia, the assignment will have a separate task completion counter to standard tasks. The wilderness tasks are separated from the normal ones, but you can’t have a wilderness task and a standard task at the same time.

How to get to Slayer master Krystillia?

Slayer master Krystillia can be found in Edgeville’s jail, just north-east from the bank.


There are no requirements to receive an assignment from Krystillia, you just need to have one Slayer task completed.

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