Learn OSRS Crystal Tree Details with Requirements & Rewards

A unique farming patch, OSRS Crystal Tree is coming to the game later with the release of Song of the Elves. Here you could learn some information with rs3 gold on this new content, including its requirements, rewards and others.

How to plant OSRS Crystal Tree?

For completing the Song of the Elves quest, the Crwys clan want to offer you the opportunity to farm your own crystal trees. This unique OSRS crystal tree farming patch will require a crystal acorn and 74 Farming to plant. Crystal acorns will be untradeable but can be obtained from a nearby NPC in exchange for other crystal seeds. This NPC will accept the following:
Crystal tool seed
Crystal armour seed
Crystal enhancer seed
Crystal weapon seed (currently called crystal seed)
Crystal teleport seed (currently called Tiny elf crystal)

What can you gain from OSRS Crystal Tree?

It will take roughly 8 hours for Crystal trees to grow; there is no chance of becoming diseased or dying when the tree is growing. Once fully grown, OSRS Crystal trees can be harvested with an axe. This will empty the patch, granting crystal shards and occasional nests. It will offer the chance to obtain the Farming skill pet.
The tree will grant 126 Farming XP when planted and 13,240 Farming XP when harvested.

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