Learn Reasons and Next Plan about RS Weapon Diversity Cancel

From the latest official post, we have known that RS team has announced the cancel of Runescape Weapon Diversity. Sounds amazing and unbelievable? Please buy runescape gold go ahead and learn the reasons and next plan about it.

Why does RS team decide to cancel Runescape Weapon Diversity?

Over the past month, RS Weapon Diversity Beta has continued to update for you. However, according to the feedback and issues, RS team eventually announces the decision made last week that they already cancel the highly expected project for the following reasons:
1. The main reason is that the effects of Weapon Diversity are not chunky or transformative enough. Players prefer to expect utility benefits similar to the two-square attacks of halberds.
2. Most of the effects are modifiers on DPS, which means that there isn’t much differentiation between weapons in reality, and most players would simply choose the weapon with the optimal DPS modifier.
3. What RS team has achieved are further than they expected. Thus, it’s necessary to re-design several problematic weapons and find a decent way to communicate the weapons’ effects to a player as well as complete significant testing.

What’s the next plan about Weapon Diversity?  

Although the highly anticipated project is removed, RS team states that they still believe in the aims of Weapon Diversity and will continue to design new utility benefits for weapons completely as well as plan to introduce effects with future content. So you can still leave your feedback on official Forums and Reddit etc, and some more-appreciated effects could be preserved. In addition, they still want to bring strategy back into weapon choice which will make the gaining of weapon rewards so much more joyful.

How do you think of the cancel of Runescape Weapon Diversity?

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