Learn Runescape Mining and Smithing & Get Free Gold and Item

We’ve added a new container for your inventory called an ore box. You make and upgrade this using smithing, and it can store 100 (120 with 99 mining and elder rune orebox) of every ore up to the level you upgraded it to. The ore box means you can stay at the mining spot for longer before you need to go back and bank, so you can actually keep the ore you’re mining rather than dropping it.

When you do head back, you don’t need to put your ore in the bank. We’ve added a new ‘metal bank’ which you can access at any forge, furnace or anvil to store your ore. The metal bank stores two billion of every ore and bar, and you can access it directly while smelting and smithing so you don’t need to run to and from the bank. This should save you some bank space. Hammer time!

Other Changes

So that’s the core of the rework. Because rune is getting moved completely to level 50, we’ve had to lower its alch value or it would be ridiculous gold per hour. This would ruin a lot of drop tables, so we’ve gone through and replaced all smithable items with new items called ‘salvage’ which have the same alch value as what they replaced had pre-rework.
The last thing we’ve done is go through and fix every reward and piece of content which ties in to mining or smithing and updated it to fit the new mechanics. As much as possible we’ve tried to retain the existing benefit (for example, the scroll of efficiency still refunds a few bars when smithing) but some rewards have changed.

Remember, whenever we make big changes to game systems that will make the price of some items rise and the price of others fall. If you want to make some money with the launch then expect the prices of the old and new metals to be at their highest right after the update launches, and then drop afterwards.

All in all, we will try our best to satisfy you when you buy RS 2007 gold cheap from us at any time. Why not have a try right now and experience a perfect shopping?

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