Learn Swtor Jedi Shadow Tank Guide

An in-depth Jedi Shadow Tank Guide (the Knetic Combat Discipline) for PvE, suitable for beginner players who seek to learn how to improve their performance! Besides, you can get help from swtor2credits.com with swtor gold for sale.


Shadow Tanks are currently the strongest tanks in a PvE setting, and by a very large margin. They have access to a strong suite of defensive cooldowns, have the highest overall mitigation (and lowest DTPS, or damage taken per second), and have the ability to trivialize or downright skip certain mechanics in endgame content.

Shadow Tanks are downright broken when played correctly, and to do so requires a bit of micromanagement (in the form of watching your buff bar), as it relies heavily on active mitigation. However, Shadow Tanks are not that difficult to play, and this guide will go over the basics of Shadow Tanking.


Gearing is very linear for all classes and roles nowadays, however, optimizing your gear as a tank requires a lot more work than it does for the other roles. Here is a basic outline of what your gear should look like as a Shadow Tank, complete with an optimal stat distribution for 252 and 258 gear.

Tanks are always the least-played and in highest demand not just in SWTOR, but in all traditional MMO games. Nothing happens without a tank and tanks are the ones, who usually lead the group. When the tank fails, everybody fail. Their responsibility is a lot bigger than any other raid team member.

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