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This week sees the release of the Tale of the Righteous, the next follow-up to the Client of Kourend, this time featuring the Shayzien House. Other updates this week include: the highly-requested 2007 rs gold Kourend favour rebalance, the reduced Kudos entry requirement for the Volcanic mine, and a teleport to Ottos’ grotto added to both the Fishing skillcape and Max cape.

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The requirement to enter the Volcanic mine has been lowered to 150 Kudos provided the player has built the Museum Camp and claimed the Fossil rewards for doing so.The Fishing cape and Max cape have now had the teleport to Otto’s Grotto added to them whilst in the inventory, worn and on the PoH Cape hanger.The scroll to zoom (desktop) and pinch to zoom (mobile) feature is now enabled by default, and saved on the player rather than the client cache. Anyone who previously had this setting disabled will need to toggle it off again.

Increased the favour for handing in tier 5 armour sets 50 to 75.

Note: 100% in favour is equal to 1000 of the favour points listed above.

World Rota Changes

Two weeks ago we discussed the implementation of a World Rota, detailling how we will switch the world themes every two weeks, giving more equal access to those restricted activities across the Atlantic.

The current active rota is Period B. For the next two weeks, until Thursday 3rd of May.

The standard PvP world will be W325, in the UK.
The High Risk PvP world will be W337, in USA.
The F2P PvP world will be W417, in the USA. We’d intended to move the F2P PvP world to Europe, as detailed in the last announcement, but the world we’d intended to put it is not yet available, so it’s staying on world 117 for now.
The Bounty Hunter world will be W319, in the USA.

It wouldn’t be a new PvM challenge if there wasn’t a fitting reward. Alongside the leaderboard mentioned above, and the standard loot you’d normally receive for completing the Chambers of Xeric, finishing a “Challenge Mode” run within a set amount of time will also grant you a chance of obtaining an unlock for the Olmlet pet. This unlock will allow you to transmog the Olmlet into any of the bosses found within the Chambers, other than Lizardman shamans and the Skeletal mystics. This unlock can be earnt regardless of whether you have the Olmlet pet or not, though you’ll need the actual pet before you can utilise the unlocks of course!

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