Learn WOW Death’s Rising Week 1 Questline in Shadowlands Pre-Patch

The story of WOW Death’s Rising Week 1 questline in Shadowlands Pre-Patch has been revealed. It shows that the leaders of Alliance and Horde are abducted, and while in Icecrown the questline is similar for both sides. The further details of this questline are introduced below. classic wow gold

What is WOW Death’s Rising Week 1 questline?

Death’s Rising Week 1 questline is live in the first week of Shadowlands Pre-Patch PTR, which introduces the event and gives you new Death’s Rising dailies in Icecrown.
Several leaders of both Horde and Alliance are abducted by the Jailer’s forces. Anduin Wrynn and Jaina Proudmoore are Alliance’s leaders, and Thrall and Baine Bloodhoof are Horde’s leaders. This questline is similar for both factions while in Icecrown.

WOW Death’s Rising Week 1 questline introduction

1. Start with An Urgent Request quest, reporting to Genn Greymane at Lion’s Rest in Stormwind City.
2. Talk with NPCs present at Lion’s Rest.
3. Report to the Argent Crusade in Stormwind, and gather reports from Elwynn Forest, Redridge Mountains and Duskwood.
4. Go to Goldshire, Three Corners and the Darkened Bank to assess the situation.
5. While getting to Duskwood, clean some Scourges in the area in Damned Intruders quest.
6. Come back to Stormwind after the zombies are taken care of.
7. Then be sent to Icecrown after delivering report.
1. Be sent to Lor’themar Theron atop Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar.
2. Watch a placeholder cinematic and talk with Lor’themar.
3. Head to the Argent Crusade camp in Orgrimmar, and gather reports from officers in Durotar and The Barrens.
4. Report to the Dranosh’ar Blockade, Razor Hill and Far Watch Post.
5. Upon gathering all reports, report to the soldiers at the Crossroads and kill ghouls and Cult of the Damned cultists.
6. Come back to Orgrimmar and be sent to Icecrown

Death’s Rising Week 1 questline introduction in Icecrown

1. When both Alliance and Horde are in Icecrown, a new shattered veil skybox can be seen.
2. Get to the Argent Tournament Grounds and deliver message to Justicar Mariel Trueheart.
3. Kill Scourge around the grounds in Securing the Area and heal wounded valiants.
4. Analyze at Scourge activity around Icecrown: watch the scourge outposts of Ald’ruthar and Mord’rethar.
5. Set a foothold forward at the Ironwall Rampart in Advancing the Effort quest that can be turned in to enable Invasion daily quests in Icecrown.

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