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Visit her, and you can choose from several branches of a perk tree. Will you choose the combat gear branch, which hands you armour and weapons that make you increasingly strong against quest bosses? Or will you go for the pet branch, and unlock an adorable little pup that can be customised according to your favourite quest series (alongside some useful benefits)? Or will you level up the quest hub itself, including a chest to store quest items and a teleport to the latest quest?You can re-spec if you ever want to choose a different branch of the perk tree, and there are milestone rewards for everyone, regardless of which branch you choose. Just get yourself 25 Quest Points to start, and begin turning your Quest List a wonderful shade of green.

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Month Ahead .We interrupt your Double XP Weekend to bring important news regarding RuneScape .On Monday, – the very day that this Double XP Weekend finishes – you’ll be able to get your hands proper dirty with Player-Owned Farm. This is a plot of land to call your own, dozens of animals to look after, and the biggest addition ever made to the Farming skill!To make the week even busier,also the return of the raffle. Start planning the reward days that really deserve your tickets.We can also confirm that is the month of Quest Point Shop, giving you rewards for your unused Quest Points; while Premier Club owners can unlock the first of their four Premier Club chests.Player-Owned Farm.In a survey at the turn of the year, you voted Player-Owned.

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