Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Arriving to Consoles on Sept 6

If you’ve been looking forward to the release of the first Monster Hunter World expansion, Iceborne, do we ever have good news for you! During today’s PlayStation State of Play broadcast, Capcom announced that the expansion would be arriving on consoles on September 6th.

The team also revealed some new details about Iceborne including:

  • Hoarfrost Reach is the new setting for the expansion with “its own harsh ecosystem”
  • creatures include the Banbaro, the “snow plowing Beotodus” and the Nargacuga, a returnee from previous Monster Hunter games
  • Velkhana is an “icy elder dragon” and is the “focal point of the new story”
  • the Clutch Claw will let players grapple onto monsters “and perform feats in a way you never could before”
  • weapon types will get new attacks and combos with the Slinger
  • Customized Parts will be upgraded

More will be announced in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

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