News.WoW Cooking 1 – 800 Leveling Guide

This Cooking leveling guide will show you the fastest way how to level your Cooking skill from 1 to 800.Legion altered the process of leveling cooking. Cooking skill does not limit which Legion recipes are available. The number of dishes produced by each cook varies with recipe ranks.

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The recipes used here require at least level 85 and access to the continent of Pandaria. If your level is not high enough, you can visit my older cooking leveling guide, but what I recommend is just to wait until you reach level 85. It’s really easy to level cooking to 520 with this new method. It takes about 20 minutes, while with the older method it would take hours and even days because you need to do daily quests to get the recipes.

Level 90 players should start with going to Draenor and kill mobs until you get [The Joy of Draenor Cooking]. (first, you have to learn cooking from a trainer)Go to the Halfhill Market in Valley of the Four Winds and talk to Sungshin Ironpaw.

Every recipe you will learn grant 5 skillups per craft up to 525 as long as they’re orange. A few of the recipes require [Golden Carp], which can be fished from any water in Pandaria. Just learn fishing and fish in any water in Pandaria, you will catch one every single time. You will also need two [Wildfowl Breast], it’s dropped by Glade Sprinters near Halfhill Market.

1. Learn a recipe.
2. Buy the ingredients from Sungshin Ironpaw.
3. Make the recipe until it turns yellow.
4. Learn new recipe.
5. Repeat this until you reach 526.

Don’t forget to learn the new ranks of cooking at 50, 125, 275, 350 and at 425! If you already have [The Joy of Draenor Cooking] then you don’t have to learn new ranks.

Learning the new ranks and the recipes will cost around 340 gold.As I mentioned before, there are parts where you need some [Golden Carp](42 in total). You can fish Golden Carp with fishing skill 1 in any water in Pandaria. But, you can also make [Grilled Saberfish] or [Saberfish Broth] if you already learned [The Joy of Draenor Cooking].

526 – 675

Note: At this point you can jump to the Legion part, but using Draenor recipes up to 675 is usually cheaper, unless you can’t find draenor fish/meat at the Auction House.

This part requires level 90.

Go to Draenor and kill mobs until you get [The Joy of Draenor Cooking]. Use the scroll, and you will learn the following two recipes:

[Grilled Saberfish]
[Saberfish Broth]

From this point, you can only learn additional recipes as you either cook or taste Warlords of Draenor food.

526 – 600

15 x [Grilled Saberfish] or [Saberfish Broth] – 75 Crescent Saberfish Flesh

While making these, you have a chance to discover new recipes randomly from 12 recipes.

600 – 650

The recipes you probably discovered in the previous step are:
[Fat Sleeper Cakes] – 10 x Fat Sleeper Flesh
[Braised Riverbeast] – 5 x Raw Riverbeast Meat
[Skulker Chowder] – 10 x Jawless Skulker Flesh
[Clefthoof Sausages] – 5 x Raw Clefthoof Meat
[Fiery Calamari] – 10 x Fire Ammonite Tentacle
[Rylak Crepes] – 5 x Rylak Egg
Critical Strike
[Grilled Gulper] – 10 x Abyssal Gulper Eel Flesh
[Blackrock Ham] – 5 x Raw Boar Meat
[Steamed Scorpion] – 10 x Sea Scorpion Segment
[Hearty Elekk Steak] – 5 x Raw Elekk Meat
[Sturgeon Stew] – 10 x Blind Lake Sturgeon Flesh
[Pan-Seared Talbuk] – 5 x Raw Talbuk Meat

As you can see, I grouped the recipes together based on secondary stat gain. All of them have two version, one you can cook with fish, and one with meat. It’s important to make recipes from the same secondary stat group because you will use these recipes in the next step.

You probably didn’t discover all of them from making the previous dish. But, the important thing is to have at least two recipes that gives the same secondary stat buff. If you don’t have two from the same group, you can simply make more [Grilled Saberfish] until you discover the recipe you need. You can also just ask a friend to make one stack from the needed recipe and taste the recipe until you learn it. Or, you can buy one stack from the auction house.

When discovering recipes from tasting the dishes, you don’t need to eat these dishes for the whole duration. If you discover one, you will discover it as soon as you start eating it, so you can just spam eating the dish.

Make 5-5 from any of these recipe pairs. You will need 50 fish and 25 meat for this part.

650 – 675

These are the recipes below that you can disover from making the previous dishes:

Two dish recipes:

[Blackrock Barbecue] – 5 x Blackrock Ham, 5 x Grilled Gulper, 1 x Fireweed – Critical Strike
[Calamari Crepes] – 5 x Rylak Crepes, 5 x Fiery Calamari, 1 x Nagrand Arrowbloom – Multistrike
[Frosty Stew] – 5 x Pan-Seared Talbuk, 5 x Sturgeon Stew, 1 x Frostweed – Haste
[Gorgrond Chowder] – 5 x Clefthoof Sausages, 5 x Skulker Chowder, 1 x Gorgrond Flytrap – Versatility
[Sleeper Surprise] – 5 x Braised Riverbeast, 5 x Fat Sleeper Cakes, 1 x Starflower – Mastery
[Talador Surf and Turf] – 5 x Hearty Elekk Steak, 5 x Steamed Scorpion, 1 x Talador Orchid – Stamina

Make 5 from any of the two dish recipes. It will require the recipes you made previously and 5 from one of the Draenor herbs.

675 – 800

This part requires level 100.
Recipe ranks

Every Legion cooking recipe have 3 ranks. Higher rank recipes allow you to cook more food for the same materials, and higher rank recipes also give skill points much longer. (the exceptions are the new Feast recipes, you always make one, but it will cost fewer materials)

If you hover over the little stars in your spellbook, you can see the source of the next rank for the selected recipe.
Cooking Research

The best cooking recipes and every rank 2 and rank 3 recipes are unlocked by doing research at Nomi’s test kitchen at Dalaran.

To unlock the cooking research, you have to find a cooking recipe in the world, then Nomi will spawn near you, and offer you a quest: Too Many Cooks – Horde / The Prodigal Sous Chef – Alliance. (If you don’t have any new legion recipe yet, and Nomi haven’t offered you the quest, then you can get one of the recipes below)

The follow up quest is A Good Recipe List. You must learn 6 Legion Cooking recipes. Sometimes it doesn’t count your cooking recipes correctly, but a quick logout should fix it.

These 6 recipes are the easiest to get:

[Recipe: Bear Tartare] – dropped by Mordvigbjorn at Stormheim.
[Recipe: Barracuda Mrglgagh] – To get this recipe, you must do three short quests from King Mrgl-Mrgl (at 42.7, 10.9). These quests are: Slime Time, I’ll Huff, I’ll Puff…, Nature vs. Nurture. After you complete these 3, you will get the quest Murlocs: The Next Generation which will reward you with the recipe.
[Recipe: Salt and Pepper Shank] – You have to finish the following 3 quests at Highmountain for this recipe. First you must do Amateur Hour and Lion Stalkin’ from Hemet Nesingwary. After you finish these two, you can pick up the quest I’m Not Lion! from Ellias.
[Recipe: Deep-Fried Mossgill] – Get A Village in Peril from Darcy Heathrow at Val’Sharah 54.79, 52.77 (lying on the ground). This quest sends you to Bradensbrook where you complete it by talking to Mayor Heathrow. After turning in this quest to Mayor Heathrow in Bradensbrook, you can head directly to Cecily Radcliffe at 37.11, 58.31 and begin Shriek No More.
[Recipe: Leybeque Ribs] – Dropped by Myonix at Suramar. (level 110 rare)
[Recipe: Fighter Chow] – Kill Salteye Murlocs at Azsuna until you get [Okuna's Message]. This item begins the quest Bottled Up, which will send you to Lady Irisse. Then you will getInfiltrating Shipwreck Arena, in which you find Okuna Longtusk. Okuna gives you a series of quests, ultimately bringing you to Morale Booster, which rewards you with this recipe.
Alternative recipe if you are not level 110 yet, and can’t kill Myonix:

[Recipe: Drogbar-Style Salmon] – Kill Dogbar mobs at Highmountain. I could get this one in 5 minutes on all of my characters, but you might not be so lucky, and it can take 10-30 minutes until you get it. There is a spot at Highmountain where Mightstone Flankers and Mightstone Slingers are fighting friendly NPCs and they respawn almost instantly after you kill them, so there are usually 4-7 mobs up.

You are now able to start Work Orders for any type of Legion meat or fish you have in your bags. Each Work Order takes 4 hours. Creating a Work Order with a specific ingredients has a chance to teach you a recipe that uses that ingredient.

Getting new recipes from the research is not 100%. There is a high chance you will get [Badly Burnt Food].

25 x [Rank 1 - Salt and Pepper Shank] – 125 x [Lean Shank], 250 x Flaked Sea Salt, 250 x Dalapeno Pepper

You can buy the Flaked Sea Salt and the Dalapeno Pepper from the vendor near your cooking trainer at Dalaran.

I recommend this recipe because Lean Shank is usually the cheapest meat. But you can use any other recipe you have if you can find cheaper materials for those. [Dried Mackerel Strips] and [Bear Tartare] can be good alternative.

Visit your cooking trainer at Dalaran and learn the next rank of cooking. The trainers are Awilo Lon’gomba for Horde and Katherine Lee for Alliance.

Use [Lean Shank] for research until you get [Rank 2 - Salt and Pepper Shank] and [Rank 3 - Salt and Pepper Shank].

55 x [Rank 3 - Salt and Pepper Shank] – 275 x [Lean Shank], 250 x Flaked Sea Salt, 250 x Dalapeno Pepper

You can also use [Silver Mackerel] or [Fatty Bearsteak] for research if you choose the recipes mentioned in the previous step.

There are only 7 recipes that you can use to level cooking to 800. All 7 of them comes from cooking discovery, and you need the rank 3 versions because the rank 2 recipes turn grey at 780. So, you shouldn’t even craft the rank 2 for leveling because you will have to get the rank 3 no matter what and this way at least you get more food.

You need to choose from one of these recipes below and pick one of the ingredients to use as research until you get the rank 3 recipe. You can get duplicate recipes, therefore it’s a good idea to check your workorder often and learn the rank 1 recipe before you finish more work orders, so you have a chance to get rank 2 and not another rank 1.

List of recipes and the meat/fish needed for research:
[Azshari Salad] – Research: [Lean Shank] or [Runescale Koi]
[Crispy Bacon] – Research: [Slice of Bacon]
[Fishbrul Special] – Research: [Cursed Queenfish], [Mossgill Perch] or [Black Barracuda]
[Lavish Suramar Feast] – Research: [Runescale Koi], [Leyblood]
[Nightborne Delicacy Platter] – Research: [Wildfowl Egg]
[Seed-Battered Fish Plate] – Research: [Runescale Koi] – Not yet confirmed, but might also come from [Silver Mackerel]
[The Hungry Magister] – Research: [Highmountain Salmon] or [Fatty Bearsteak]

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